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The One Who Sticks Out

No description

Savannah Robinson

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The One Who Sticks Out

As An Individual...
Jonas chooses to lie to others to protect the memories he receives from the Giver.
Jonas and the Giver are the only individuals in the community who ever got to experience the memory of color.
Although the Giver has seen Elsewhere in his memories, Jonas is the only individual from his community to see animals and other wildlife up close and in full color.
Jonas is one of the four individuals in the entire community to have pale blue eyes. The other individuals are the Giver, Gabriel, and a six year old girl, Katharine.
The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure
"If you can't remember the pain in life, you won't feel the pleasure of living."
The One Who Sticks Out
The Pain of the Past and Pleasure of the Present Finds a Forever Future
Jonas starts receiving painful memories. The pain is seeing the tragic memories, while the pleasure is in helping the Giver reduce the pain.
"Let's go once again to a hill, and a sled." The memory of a sled involves pleasure at first with Jonas riding down the hill with glee turns in to pain when the sled is flipped.
Jonas sees the pleasant memory of sunshine which then turns into the horrible memory of sunburn.
Jonas by himself takes matters into his own hands and saves Gabe from being released.
Jonas and the Giver individually come up with a plan for Jonas to leave the community.
Jonas individually runs away to Elsewhere.
Jonas also chooses to lie to others as an individual.
Important Individual
At the ceremony all the children receive different items to symbolize them growing as an individual.
Jonas chooses to leave the community so that all memories go back to their individual owners.
The Giver chooses what memory to give to the child who is chosen to be the receiver of memory, because he believes it is best for the individual.

No Pain,
No Pleasure
Jonas experiences the memory of Christmas. The pain is that he will never experience the holiday and the pleasure was that he got to see the celebration.
Jonas experiences the memory of War. It is quickly turned into pain when he sees the boy who had been severely injured to the pleasure, as he helped the Giver reduce the pain from himself.
In Chapter 15, all of the soldiers are dying and are experiencing a lack of water. The Pain is Jonas can only watch, horrified.
Pain Always Leads to Pleasure
"She skipped me, Jonas thought, stunned." This took place when Jonas was at the Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas felt pain because he thought he was skipped because he did something wrong. Although, Jonas felt pleasure because he received the most important job.
Jonas witnesses Fiona, Asher, and numerous other children playing a war game. He flashes back to a war memory the Giver transferred to him, and feels pain. Next he feels pleasure by discontinuing the game.
When Rosemary was the previous Receiver, the Giver didn't want her to feel pain, but he had to, so he gave her a lot of pleasurable memories, but some painful ones, too.
The Only Individuals That Can Receive
The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure (Continued)
Pleasure is the Individual and Pain is the World
Jonas does not experience pain for his own memories until he runs away to Elsewhere.
When Jonas came across a hill covered in snow, Jonas was forced to trudge up the hill while carrying both the weight of himself and Gabriel, and leaving his bicycle behind.
"The secret to success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you." -Anthony Robbins
The Individuality Of Us All
Because Jonas was chosen to be the receiver of memory, he was able to watch the Release of a newborn that was also a twin.
Jonas' father brings home Gabriel, even though nobody is supposed to have more than two children in a family unit.
This compromises individuality, but the parents who receive a child do not get the privilege to choose the name of their given child. The children's names are instead chosen by the committee of Elders.

Pain and Pleasure are Partners
After Jonas receives the memory of war, he experiences pain because he knows of that memory and its sadness will drag on within him.
Additionally, Jonas has the pain of starving on his journey to Elsewhere but holds the pleasure of knowing weather and leaving Sameness.
Jonas feels no one should be left out of the memories, so he attempts to share the memories of pain and pleasure with his family and friends. He also feels pain discovering it doesn't work.

Matt Dekovics





Savannah Robinson
Alessia Tavella
Lowry, Lois. The giver. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1993. Print.
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