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UAL Estates Presentation

No description

Sian Lawrence

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of UAL Estates Presentation

Estates Uniform Project
Sian Lawrence Rebrand Innovation Forward Thinking
Brand Identity
Functionality University of the Arts
London Meet Joseph: Facilities Staff Uniform Main problems in UAL uniform:
Summer jumpers stretching
Women's trousers (fit)
Men’s combats
Uniform that is suitable for both front of house hosting duties and also outdoor duties
Warmth in winter, breathable for summer Conclusion Jumper:
2 types of jumpers:
Light – S/S 100% cotton
Heavy- A/W

When washed the garment stretches

Quite liked the winter jumper Shola Trouser:
Current trousers for women:
Tailored trousers
Didn't fit or sit well
Not durable for various jobs
Shola has bought her own trousers (stretch)
From asda
Sizing was’nt accurate Shola Current shirt:
85% cotton, 15% polyester
Finds longs sleeves uncomfortable in comparison to short
Generous size for movement
Preferred the old shirt based on quality
Top button can be un done for women
Seams under the arms ripped easily due to manufacturing
Too short to tuck in Shola Meet Shola: Case Study Security role- reception
1st point of contact as a host
Moving furniture
Washing windows
Jobs aren’t gender specific Duties Performed:
Fleece lined
100% polyamide
Made by Timberland
Treated with a water resistant layer Old Jacket Fastening:
Buttons fell off quite quickly Shola Blazer:
Preferred the old blazer
More pockets Shola Shapes:
Has to fit all sizes xs,s,m,l,xl,xxl
Various fastenings to help adjust fit Colour:
To suit all campuses (not only LCF)
Must be unisex
Also to adapt to all seasons

Consider different seasons
Suit all body shapes and all age ranges
Irritation to the skin

functional Things to think about: No real issues with the uniform in general apart from trousers, pockets, washing and jumpers

Joseph has resulted into wearing ladies trousers, for a better fit
He’s had to alter them
The trousers are made with lycra and cotton
Trousers shrink a bit in the washing at a normal 40c wash
Needs pockets
Can be restricting in certain positions Joseph
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