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Leanna Ward

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Fossils

the process of breaking down a material using a chemical reaction. (Chalk in vinegar) the process of breaking something down by breaking it into smaller pieces. when water amount is small and creates formations like droplets. any type of living thing ie: people, plants, animals, bacteria Amber tiny pieces of rocks, soil, or sand. Often times gets caught in water to make the water muddy. Remains, imprints, or traces of an ancient organism that have been preserved in the rock record. Bones, shells, casts, tracks and excrement can all become fossils. information that tells you what happened in the past. Mold the process of breaking down things what forms around the organism, just like what you put around your arm when it breaks. when a species of an organism no longer exists anywhere on earth. the process of the movement of water moving soil and sand. when water weakens the side of a bank and creates mud that shifts and falls. vibrations in the earth’s crust that cause destruction. mountain like structures that are created by lava a scientist who studies rocks. when something is kept in a way that it remains much like it was originally Science Vocabulary Fossil Sediment Preserved Chemical Weathering Physical Weathering Organism Erosion Cast Splash Erosion Earthquake Evidence Extinct Landslide Geologist harden tree sap, often contains insects completely intact. Weathering Volcano the outside imprint of a fossil Mold Fossils Trace Fossils or
Ichnofossils formed when a mold is filled in Cast Fossils a fossilized impression made in the stone or a negative image of the organism How Fossils are Made http://www.classzone.com/books/earth_science/terc/content/visualizations/es2901/es2901page01.cfm?chapter_no=29 Demonstration of how a fossil is created! What are Fossils ? REALLY TRACE How about Fossils? Body fossils of the actual animal or animal part True Form Fossils fossilized nests, gastroliths (stomach stones), burrows, footprints
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