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Transcript of COCAINE

Is acrystaline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant its also a stimulant.
cocaine definition
just like many other drugs,cocaine changes the reward center of the brain because it affects the neurotransmitter dopamine.
cocaine in the nervous systems (brain)
one of the most dangerous cocaine it is powerful addictive qualities. Even after one use of the drug users are not reliably able to predict or control how much he or she uses will continue to use cocaine or want to use it.
The long term effects of cocaine
Cocaine in the cardiovascular (heart)
symptoms of cardio vascular system with cocine
Cocaine can cause heart disease how because cocaine
use to kill over 15,000people each year in the U.S
due by overuse or related accidents.Additionally
cocaine use can cause damage to the heart,
witch leads to many more death each year ,allot
cardio vascular complications are closely related to
cocaine use.

The symptoms for the nervous systems are
These issues include headaches
stroke,convulsions and seizures.
Short term effect of using cocaine
this symptoms are chest painsymdromes, heart attacks , heart failure, strokes,aortic dissection and fatal and non fatal arrthythmias

Dry mouth
Stress or irritability
Is dangerous when you drink alcochol with any drug
what can be the amount for a over dose
20 grams of cocaine to 500 grams
Chronic effect of cocaine
sore throat
tooth decay
the bigest age group of users are 18-25 illegal cocaine users
Cocaine can be ?
americans are the most cocaine users , the amount of people is 22million (illegal)
countries where you can find cocaine
The Neverlands
Czech republic
paranoia 68% to 84%
violent behavevior 55%
homocided 31%
suicide 18% to 22%

patience can be with a psychiatric problem when they use Cocaine.
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