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Celine Dion {Hero Assignment}

My hero assignment/project on Celine Dion. (Due: 03.08.13)

Twinkies ♥

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Celine Dion {Hero Assignment}

By : Celine Dion Who is she? What Experiences
affected her choices
in life? Her Inspiration Aside from work Her Traits Bibliography For all those who don't know, Celine Dion is a Canadian singer born Celine Dion is known well for her generous charity work. In 1982, Celine began raising public awareness for Cystic Fibrosis,
shortly after her 16 year old cousin died because of the disease. Like many other celebrities, and even common aspiring On the 17th of December in 1994, Dion decided She's a great role model to anyone.
As someone who believes in giving
everyone a chance to live pain-free
in life, i could say she should be considered everyone's hero. making so many other donations http://www.biography.com/people/celine-dion-9542132
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cystic_fibrosis Anoop in Charlemagne, Quebec on March 30th 1968. Her parents, Adhemar and
Therese formed a small group called "Dion's Family" when Celine was not even 1, (making her the youngest
of 14 children) and toured around Canada. Later,
once Celine turned 5, they opened a piano bar
which gave her the opportunity to preform
live in front of a small audience. A Start In Her
Career When Dion was only 12 she recorded a demo tape
with the song she had
written with her mother. They sent the tape to Rene
Angelil who signed with
her right away and mortgaged his own home to produce her
first album "La Voix Du Bon
Dieu" (The Voice Of God.) She even helped this foundation for Cystic Fibrosis get sponsorship with Royal Airlines in 1996. In case you didn't know, "CF" is a genetic disorder which critically affects the lungs, pancreas, intestines and liver. Unfortunately, there still isn't any cure to this fatal disease. Even though Celine Dion had to face http://www.cysticfibrosis.ca/en/aboutcysticfibrosis/index.php the tragedy of losing a family member for more awareness to this incurable fate, i still think that she would've made the large donation she did and
would've continued to give some of her
wealth, to research. Other worldly
Contributions My Story, My dream - By : Celine Dion.
http://www.celinedion.com/ca/celine-supports A non-profit foundation which
is Celine Dion's very own, contributes to various charities and families in need. Even the hired staff workers are voluntary, therefore
guaranteeing all the money to organizations which can provide the care and necessities that many humans aren't
fortunate to have. Thanks to a fund raising event held in
August of 2011, thousands of dollars were contributed towards a very good cause. The ultimate fan experience was auctioned off in 2009, selling for $17, 500 which was also given to the Celine Dion Foundation. In 2005 Celine, along with Rene, modeled pink polos to raise more awareness to breast cancer. The
profits made from the sold shirts were
given to the Canadian and Quebec
breast cancer foundations. How Does she
inspire me? Celine Dion is someone who inspires me not solely because of the grand load of contributions she has made towards a better future for all, but simply because of the humble characteristic she is made up of along with the strong belief of equality. She doesn't spend her riches on clothes, jewelry and make-up as much as many other famous woman.She doesn't see herself as having any superiority over any other human being. She cares for them all equally, as if they were family. Not many celebrities do charity work out of good heart, many do it for publicity. But Celine Dion is different. How? Because if she just wanted publicity, why invest her own money into making her own foundation? why bother- for good causes? Why? because it's in her kind nature to want to help and nurture others who are unfortunately not as well off as her. What makes Celine Dion so inspirational is that she doesn't flaunt her money, she shares it and contributes it to the improvement she wants to see here on Earth. "I lived my most beautiful dreams to the fullest. I love and I'm loved. I sing
and that is my happiness. And i
thank heaven for it every-
day of my life." http://www.amazon.ca/Celine-Dion-My-Story-Dream/
dp/0380819058 singers and dancers, Celine Dion's inspiration was none other than Michael Jackson. Dion confessed that when she first saw him on television when she was only 15, she was instantly
inspired and learned English so
she could sing just like him. Many years later, Michael attended
her first live show in Las Vegas, and
she couldn't keep her eyes off her
idol. Sadly, when Michael Jack-
son passed away on June 25th , 2009 the last moment
she could use in memory of her inspiration would
be in her tribute, which she sung both his
his songs "Man in the mirror." & "Ben." What Makes her Different In my opinion, what makes Celine Dion different from many other artists is that she chased her dream of being a singer
because it's what she wanted.
Despite the fact that she was grown
into a musical family, she didn't do
it just to fit in with her parents, but
because it's what excites her and
it's a passion she feels only towards
her career she's now pursuing.
She's different in the way that not only is she musically talented and strove for
her dream, she also uses the benefits from her
happiness for the well being of others. She
doesn't just sing for money, she
does it for fun. she would want to remain a woman for only one man, that lucky man being the very producer & Manager which first gave Celine the head start in her career, Rene The two married in Angelil! got the Basilica
Notre-Dame in Montreal,Quebec. The couple later
had three child- ren by the name of Nelson, Eddy, and Rene-
Angelil with-
out even considering their large age gap of 26 years! Her two
fraternal twins (Eddy and Nelson) were given their
names based on Celines favorite Algerian
songwriter, Eddy Marnay, and former
African president Nelson Mandela. http://www.celinedionforum.com/topic/14007-celines-career-achievements/ Some Achievements In America Celine Dion sold over 47 million albums, and 7 million more in Europe, which made her the best selling female artist and she sold over 14 million albums here in Canada. in 2004, Dion won a "diamond award" at the music award show for selling more than 175 albums throughout
her career. "My heart will go on" has become the best sell-
ing orchestral song in all of existence till this day. She's the
only woman in
the U.K which
sold 2
She also recorded a
hit song for the
amazing film
back in the
1990's. http://www.wordle.net/ Her Home When you're a successful woman like Dion you can
count on a few riches, including this nearly 30
Million dollar home with a water park in her back
garden. Impressive? I know. I'm proud to say
I'm Canadian when I see this house and her
success. She took her "singing for fun"
life and pursued it as her career! This
you to dream
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