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03.06 Positive Human Impact—Activity

No description

Alyx Hammond

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 03.06 Positive Human Impact—Activity

Kelp Restoration
Name: Southern California Kelp Restoration Project
Focus: To re-establish historic kelp beds around Californias south coast and to educute people about it
Type: Restoration
Reason: I picked this because kelp is pertinent to the oceans ecosystem and organisms.

Resource for youtube clip and information: http://www.cacoastkeeper.org/programs/healthy-marine-habitats/kelp-restoration
You have been appointed the lead environmental engineer (one who applies science and engineering principals to improve environmental resources and to improve polluted sites) on a project designed to protect a marine environment.

It is your job to evaluate, advise and develop a plan that will restore, conserve, and/or preserve a specific marine environment. Your presentation should utilize 3-5 efforts/causes and include the following information with each:

*A variety of efforts/causes (minimum of 3)
*Name of your effort/cause
*What is the focus of the effort/cause?
*Is the effort/cause a form of preservation, conservation, or restoration?
*Rationale for choosing this effort

Your presentation should be completed using a 21st century tool of your choice to present the required information or using the template. There are many 21st century tools available for creating and submitting work in the online environment. For more information about tools your school recommends, please visit the resource tools area in your course or contact your instructor.
Conservation of Whales
Name: Whale Dolphin Conservation
Focus: To stop poaching and capturing of whales and dolphins, and to protect them in their natural habitat.
Type: Conservation
Reasoning: I picked Conservation because the WDC is working hard to protect the whales from being hurt, killed, or captured by poachers and/or fishermen.

Resource: http://us.whales.org/
Effort: Natural Energy
The use of solar power energy is an alternate way of powering things way of powering things. Doing this will reduce the amount of pollutant within the earth. Power your electronics that you use in the water using solar power. Not using boats and jet skis often in the waters, especially in the ocean. The gases and oils are harmful to the animals and their environment. It takes years for mother nature to clear all of the pollutant out of the waters.
Type: Preservation
Reason: The use of solar power and natural gas will reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere which in turn effects the ocean and the Earth overall.
03.06 Positive Human Impact—Activity
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