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pink and tall

Rachel Zey

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of flamingos

Defenses Flamingo Traits The Flamingo
Habitat Flamingo Food Flamingo Enemies Flamingos Flamingos live at the salt water's edge or a marsh. some people think flamingos
live in a rain forest, but it is not true flamingo live in a marsh. A few large plants near the water's edge provide shade. Flamingos eat seeds, shrimp, diatoms, algae, small fish and crabs. Flamingo's diet makes them turn pink because of carotenoids in the shrimp. The shrimp eats plants with carotenoids in them. The flamingo only has 2 defenses. One is "peck", where the flamingo pecks the predator. Two Is "escape", where the flamingos fly away
at the first sign of an attacker. 5 kinds of animal want to kill flamingos.
Here is a list: 1. Hawk 2. Eagle 3. Foxes 4. Lions 5. You!!!!! Humans in the past killed flamingos for their pink feathers. Flamingos are social and caring animals. Flamingo's Winter How the flamingo eats is a strange progress.
First it stomp its feet to stir up the food. Then puts its head upside down in the water scooping up what ever it stirs up. Inside its mouth there are little bristles like a whale baleen. Caring because they take care of their babies
around 3 to 4 years. Social because they live in flocks. rrrraacchheell zzeey by Rachel zey
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