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World War II

No description

Serena Klebba

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of World War II

The Higgins Boats
Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them Poster and Maus page 125, panel 5
January 9, 1941
“As a nation, we may take pride in the fact that we are softhearted; but we cannot afford to be soft-headed.”
-- President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eighth State of the Union Address
Image Analysis,
Resistance and Upstanders
The French Resistance Armband
the blue represents
Saint Martin
the red represents
Saint Denis
the symbol represents
the Cross of Lorraine
September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945
"We Can Do It!"
Propaganda Posters
Symbol of Anti-Semitism

.05 dollars
by: Serena Klebba, Sarah Sumrall and Caroline Zvonek
This is a propaganda poster intended for the women of America. This poster was used to try to convince women to join the war force.
were used often in WWII
to set specific goals and strategies
Higgins Boat is amphibious
Manufactured and developed by Andrew Higgins
Used in major operations in
D-Day in Normandy
The boat was used by delivering
troops, ships, and equipment
They were used in 1944
If there were no Higgins Boats
Americans would have not been on the beaches
there would not be any D-Day
the targeted audience were women of America
Purpose of the poster
was to get women to join the war force
If women joined the force the U.S. would gain power
The war time issue
not enough women helping the war force
The tools/techniques
example of glittering generalities
believe in what Rosie is saying
The emotion conveyed
is strong and powerful

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The French Resistance armband

What is an upstander?
a person who...
speaks out,
offers assistance
intervenes to prevent abuse of others
often at great personal risk
Upstanders and Resistance
are alike because they both...
stand up for others rights
Star of David
Higgins Boat delivering soldiers
was an Army photographer
Battle of Midway
positioned himself on the signal bridge of a boat
with a motion camera
Roy was unarmed during the war
He took many pictures
of fires and casualties
He also filmed
dive bombers and torpedo planes
These pictures were very important
these pictures became very famous
ranged from burning ships, to wounded men, to bodies floating in the water
William G. Roy now
works at the University of California in Los Angeles
This is a picture that William G. Roy took in the Battle of Midway of a boat going down in flames.
We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
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Nazi swastika symbol
Setting is outside
Swastika is the main focal point
Rosie the Riveter

Swastika is black
There are kids instead of adults
Human Beings

Swastika is white
Black and white
Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them Poster
Maus p.125, panel 5
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