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6Ps Detective Tool

No description

Kic-Ling Leon

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of 6Ps Detective Tool

Ultra Clear Surface Issue Trade up current consumers from IS and SD to Ultra Clear by communicating better benefits

Switch from competitor brands by communicating better fragances Root Issue Year 1 launch targets for Degree For Men is Ultra Clear have not been met due to poor penetration and weak loyalty Market Dynamics & Financials Market Size & Structure Buying Behaviour Penetration 6Ps Brand Levers Proposition Market Growth Brand Share $365mm Deodorants--> IS (29%)
Value Growth 16%
Volume Growth 15%
Value Growth IS 28% $20mm/year: 1.5% vs PY
Value Drivers: Consumption and Penetration Total Degree for Men: 10.9%
Invisible Solid 29.3%
AVG growth 1.7% Aligned with value share: 10.9% - 11%
Fragance Fans (18%), Auto-Pilots (35%) are Non Buyers of DFM

Loyalty Consumption Ultra Clear's Loyalty 16.7%
No need to increase loyalty Ultra Clear: 13.5 vs Category Consumption: 6.8 DFM Dual gender: Clear Proposition
Make you feel fresh all day
Are among the best at giving you day long protection against wetness Promotion Opportunity to enhance mix de Medios
More TVC y Prints
Increase promotional activities through sampling Place Growth Opportunity through Food & Drug Channels
Better distribution 8.3 vs 7.1 (2007)
Increase DFM Distribution (49% in 2007) Pack Decreasing packaging attributes
Packaging with more branding
The pack does NOT stand out
Does NOT communicate proposition Price Correcto Positioning
Better Value Perception vs competitor
Price increase opportunity in Drugstores Product Oportunity to communicate fragance benefit over competition
Efficacy parity to competition (Clinical)
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