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Italy History and Tour

A Tour of Italy

Ryan Yu

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Italy History and Tour

568 The Lombards, a Germanic tribe, invade Italy which is divided into three regions ruled by the Lombards, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Papal States Conclusion To know more, go to www.google.com! And one more thing... There is history! Subject 1 History of Italy Italy History By: Ryan and Hilton Video time! A Tour of Italy I LOVE THIS PREZI!!! Italy Tour A tour of Italy By: Ryan and Hilton Introduction Timeline Of Italy Celebrations in Italy Infiorata (Flower festival in Italy) And one more thing... Well, I just want to say the same thing. Google will help out! So why don't we make a bibliography here... 485 1946 Timeline- 485 A.D.- 1946 A.D. Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun. Pope Leo I dissuaded Attila from sacking Rome I am going to talk about tourist attractions today. I shall talk about amazing and a lot of other amazing facts. But first, let's watch a video clip. The old Roman Empire was reunited by Justinian, the Byzantine emperor 485 553 The Byzantine rule collapses after an attack by the Lombards 572 Pepin the Short, a Frankish King conquers the Lombards for the popes 756 The Papal States were established in central Italy Vatican Museums Walking Tour including Sistine Chapel(Painted by Michelangelo), Raphael's Rooms and St Peter's The Lombards defeated by Charlemagne 774 Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' art The Cinque Terre (The name of a district that encompasses five wonderful towns) It all began when the Indo-European people came to Italy at about 2000-1000BC. Italy was invaded quite a few times. Italy was called the Roman Empire afterward. The Venetian Just an Introduction
of Italy Geography of Italy Charlemagne crowned Roman emperor 800 Otto the Great, the king of Germany, was crowned emperor establishing the Holy Roman Empire 962 Charles I of Spain became Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire 1519 1000s - 1400's Independent city-states are established Italy is boot-shaped sorrounded with water. There are mountain and lakes. The largest of its many northern lakes is Garda (143 sq mi; 370 sq km); the Po, its principal river. Several islands form part of Italy; the largest are Sicily (9,926 sq mi; 25,708 sq km) and Sardinia (9,301 sq mi; 24,090 sq km). 1789 Leaning Tower of Pisa Spanish rule passed to Austrian rule 1700s Tour attractions in Italy Roman Colloseum In Italy, there are food, tour attractions and much more things that you can see! La Befana and Epiphany in Italy (Celebrated on January 6th) Siena Palio Festival The French Revolution CONCLUSION Go to Italy and learn new things! http://goitaly.about.com/od/festivalsandevents/Festivals_Special_Events_and_Holidays_in_Italy.htm http://www.viator.com/Italy/d57-ttd Bibliography http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107658.html Thank you for watching! http://www.history-timelines.org.uk/places-timelines/27-italy-history-timeline.htm http://www.google.com http://www.youtube.com Carnevale (Italy's Carnival Festivals) Introduction
History of Italy Napoleon declared himself the emperor of Italy 1804 Napoleon abdicated his throne and Italy was broken up into small kingdoms 1814 Small revolutions in the kingdoms - Venice, Rome and Tuscany declare themselves Republics 1820s-1850s Austria regains control of most of Italy. 1849 Northern Italy was joined to the Kingdom of Sardinia 1860 The Kingdom of Italy was formed under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi Victor Emmanuel II crowned king 1861 Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire 1911 World War I 1914 Italy joins the war on the side of the Allies 1915 The Allies win World War I 1918 The Fascists named Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister of Italy 1922, October 28 Benito Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy 1925 Mussolini and Hitler sign an agreement known as the Roman-Berlin Axis 1936 Italy conquers Albania and Mussolini sides with Hitler and Fascist Germany 1939 Italy surrenders to the Allies in WW II 1943, September 8 and October 13 Italy declares war on Germany Mussolini was shot The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki marking the end of WW1 1945, NA, August Italy abolishes the monarchy and established a republic 1946, June 10 ITALY By: Ryan and Hilton Truffle Festivals in Italy
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