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Micro Fracture surgery

No description

Alana Smith

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Micro Fracture surgery

Micro Fracture surgery
Injury Sustained
Involves Chronic Articular Cartilage
Does NOT heal spontaneously
The quality of the repair tissue after these "bone marrow stimulating techniques" depends on various factor
Species, Age, Size of location of the articular cartilage defect, the surgical technique

Micro fracture for cartilage injuries

Sources used for this research.
UCSF Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Massachusetts General Hospital
Micro Fracture surgery, is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique.
Damage and deterioration with aging and genetics
bone on bone arthiritis
Joint dislocation
Ligament tear
Meniscus tear
Fall/Impact to the knee
(Gout attack, Rheumatioid arthirits)
On site:
Refferral to off site care
Get patient off knee immediately
After test examinations, Surgery is HIGHLY recommended
Micro fracture surgery is one of many options
Special Tests
Micro Fracture Surgery
Rehabilitation excercises
Varus Stress Test
25-30 degrees of flexion
Varus Stress Test
Full Extension
Valgus Stress Test
25-30 degrees of flexion
Valgus Stress Test
Full Extension
Micros fractures is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique.
Creating tiny fractures in the underlying bone.
Causes new cartilage to form from a "super clot"
Surgery is quick
30-90 minutes
Shorter recovery time than and arthoplasty
(Knee Replacement)
Excercises (Starts 2 Weeks after surgery):
"Quadricep Setting"
"Heel Drop"
"Heel Slides"
"Sitting Heel Slides"
"Ankle Pumps"
Patient is required to usea Continous Passive Motion(CPM)
CPM slowly bends and straightens knee.
10-14 days after surgery visit doctor for check up
Sutures will be removed
Return to play: 4 weeks after rehabilitation
If approved
If not, return to play till doctor says it is fine.
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