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Graphic Designer

No description

Skyler Chowace

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
A Graphic Design Career has every thing to do with creativity and usage of existing photos or digital illustrations. So today a Graduating graphic designer are urged to be familiar with all forms of graphic design.

A Graphic designer is someone who basically makes designs for logos or books. etc. they are usually not under anyone's staffing and they work for them self. this is the reason that I would rather be this this than anything else.
What this job is all about
A Graphic Designer can work on there own or for a company in an office. A Graphic Designer that works on there own is called a Freelance Designer. A Graphic Designer that works for a company is called In-House Designer
Where Do They Work
Training location
How long is Training
Graphic Design is a very competitive
field because there are many jobs that you can take in graphic design with a solid education but if you have a degree in graphic design you will have a much higher chance of getting hired graphic design schooling should only take around 2 to 6 years depending on the degree that you want.
How much is the schooling
The cost of the Education to be a Graphic Designer is from 0 to 30 Thousand dollars. It mostly depends on how good you are with art. Because you can go into Graphic Design just as you get out of high school if you are a very good artist.
Graphic design is a job that if your on your own then you don't need a collage degree but if your looking to be a worker for a company then u should probably get one (it looks good on your resume) if your looking down that pathway and you want to stay in Canada then you want to go to Alberta's collage of arts & design.
The Average Salary
Dangers of Graphic Design
The average salary for the average designer is around $45 000 a year but can be as low as $25 000. The high end top of the mill guys are getting at the highest at $75 000 a year that isn't too bad considering that you get to work at home on your own hours. the key to get this much money is to have contacts with a lot of businesses that
sell stuff.
Graphic Design and other jobs that use computers are the safest jobs to get because you dont really do anything just sit there and type. The worst you can get is your eyes will get weaker and maybe neck problems because you look at the screen for a long period of time.
Do People Get Rich doing this
The answer to this question is no they make enough for two people to live on if you have kids then you will need another job. to get rich you will need to get hired by apple or some company like that.
How This Career Changed With Advances in Technology
long time ago graphic design was drawn down on paper with a pen or pencil now graphic design is all digital with the computer its so easy now because you can make your design and fill the whole entire thing with color with one click of the button before you had to color in your design with paint, pencil crayons and crayons. and if you wanted a million copies of your design back then you had to get tons of people to draw it out and color it and takes tons of time now you can just print it and it will come out exactly the same as the original copy.
People in Graphic Design
Why we picked this for our project
The main reason we picked this is because we already know a bit about it. There is lots of information about everything about graphic designs. Another reason is because lots of the other choices I've never heard of before. The art they make is also great pictures.
Aled M. is in the graphic design buisness he makes $79 per hour he can make whole websites for you . he can also make any 2d logo into 3d. he can get 6 thousand followers on you twitter for you. he can design a t-shirt for you if you go to this website you can see all the cool stuff graphic designers work on.


These are the projects that he can do for you.
By Skyler Chowace and Caleb Willms
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