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The Double Bass Mystery

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Transcript of The Double Bass Mystery

by Jeremy Harmer The Double Bass Mystery The book is a detective story about the trip to barcelona from Barston Symphony Orchestra Double Bass People in the story Penny Wade Antagonist Protagonist She is a twenty six years old girl , she play the double bass in the Barston Symphony Orchestra , she is the number eight , she The story begins when she loses her instrument when come to Barcelona for a concert Simon Hunt Penny's Boyfriend , he is the second double bass of the BSO Story When the orchestra arrived in barcelona , penny wade found out that her double bass was missing , Simon told her that she could use his one , in the concert that night . 2002 penny read the news paper an Article about a famoust painting that had been stolen from the tate Galery in London Penny and Adriana spend the day enjoying the sights and sounds of barcelona , penny played Simon's double bass , and he moved to the back of the teather , penny couldn't see him. next morning pennwoke up to loud screaming , she saw that frank had fallen out the hotel window he was deat . Inspector Portillo from barcelona police investigate the case , then Simon went to Penny's room , penny try to ask for last night and he was evasive and angry The Inspector Portillo came to talk to the orchestra , he told them , he explain the instrument was sending by truck and when the driver stopped in a gas station someone took the instrument , they didn't want the instrument or the case , they want the picture inside it . Frank before he died he went to a bar and saw and heard what Simon was doing frank went back to hotel and call to the police , so in the end Simon went to the Jail and Penny didnt love Simon Anymore....
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