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When She Woke

No description

Alex Adam

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of When She Woke

When She Woke
Character Descreption
Kayla- an African American woman. She was Hannah’s best friend that she met in the sanctuary. She was the only one that helped Hannah in the sanctuary. She ends up leaving the place to find her boyfriend which she leaves couple days after. She was planning to go to her cousin’s house after her boyfriend left.

Henley’s- the couple that owned the half-way house.

Simone- She was from the feminist organization. She is a lesbian and ends up having intercourse with Hannah. Saves Hannah from the slavery. Brings Hannah back to Quebec safely.

Paul – He was from the feminist organization. He fell in love with Kayla from the first time he met her. He ends up saving Kayla and bringing her to Quebec.

Falling Action
Author Biography
Hillary Jordan is an American novelist. She grew up in Dallas and Muskogee, Oklahoma and now lives in Brooklyn. She received a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and has written two novels, Mudbound (2008) and When She Woke (2011) and also a digital short story called "Aftermirth". She is currently working on her third novel, a sequel to Mudbound.
The Handmaids Tale
The use of colour

Women and how they are treated

The government power
When She Woke
Dominant Social Issues
• Abortion
• Terrorism with the novemerists
• Civil rights being revoked
• Hiv/aids
• Homelessness
• Women rights
• Profiling
• Rape
• Sex trade
• Homosexuality
• Adultery
• Crimes of a large multitude mentioned

Dominant Themes
Religious Dominance:
All laws based upon religion
PATH house rules
Question raised/discussed
Will religion dominate laws and culture once again?

When She Woke
Liam. Dawe
Braeden. Eberhardt

Hannah Payne – 25 year old, is the main character in the book. She committed a crime not just any crime she had an abortion. For a crime like that the State of Texas injected her with a virus that turns her skin to a bright red color, which represented the color of blood to remind her of what she did.

Becca Payne- Is Hannahs sister, she was the little sister and she got married to a man named Cole. Becca was the perfect daughter, she got married and was pregnant. Her family was proud of her. Becca was being abused by her husband and she didn’t tell anyone about it. Only Hannah knew that she was being abused and she tried to help but Becca wouldn’t listen.

Cole- is Beccas husband. He was a part of the Fist (a hate group that was against chromes and they went around and killed them and tortured them).

Aiden Dale- 37 year old Reverend Aiden Dale. He is a former pastor at Church of the Ignite Word. Aiden was the father of Hannah’s child. After Aiden went off to Washington D.C and accepted the job being America’s Secretary Faith. This job or position was to inspire millions of people by word and example but no one knew about his love affair with Hannah because she didn’t sell him out. Aiden was married at the time he had the love affair with Hannah.

Rising Action
Resolution of novel
The Resolution to the novel I believed was very good because unlike the Handmaid’s Tale it does not leave you wondering what is going to happen. In the end it tells you that Hannah has made it into Canada specifically Quebec safely. It also tells you that her skin has returned back to its original colour meaning that she has been changed back to normal. Lastly in the end of the novel it tells of Kayla laying right beside her when she woke and they were both back to normal.
The use of colour

Women and how they are treated

The government power
Basic Plot
The main character Hannah Payne had a love affair with her married reverend. Due to this Hannah became pregnant, and decided to locate someone to perform an abortion (which is illegal), but ended up getting caught and sent to the chrome ward and changed the colour of her skin red due to her “killing” her unborn baby. Due to this being such a harsh crime in this new society she must remain red for 16 years after being released from the chrome ward.
After being released from the chrome ward Hannah didn’t know what to do, but after a little while her father came to pick her up and take her to a half way home designed to bring her back to god. The reason her father did this is because Hannah’s mother wouldn’t allow her to come home after how she disgraced her family. Hannah has a very hard time in this half way home because of a mean girl named Bridget, and the person who ran the house called Mrs. Henley. This is because it seemed like they were both out to get her. Hannah did find a friend in the half way home called Kayla, and when Kayla left Hannah barely lasted a day until she left herself. After leaving Hannah went to see her sister and when she finally got to her house her sister let her in with open arm arms but when her husband came home he kicked her out. After being kicked out Hannah located Kayla and they both decided to go to one of Kayla’s relatives house and stay there for a bit until they can find a place to live together.
In the novel the story begins to change when Hannah and Kayla are waiting for Hannah’s dad to drop off some clothes for her because they were leaving town. While they were waiting two members of the fist which is a group who despise chromes. When they show up they start looking for Hannah and Kayla, then unexpectedly two people show up named Simone and Paul out of a feminist rights group and save them and take them back to their hideout.
The people from the feminist group tell Hannah and Kayla that they can change them back to normal and basically give them a new life. After think it through both of the girls decide that they will agree to go to Canada and create new lives. Simone and Paul are responsible for a single part of the transportation. When their part is over the girls are handed off to a different person, but when he was supposed to transport the girls to the next person on the transporting schedule he did not. Instead he sold both of the girls to people that sold them separately to sex rings and brothels. Shorty after being sold Hannah is rescued by Simone and Hannah is so grateful and confused that she decides to have sex with Simone. Later on after this interaction Hannah convinces Simone that she can go to Canada by herself. The reason Hannah did this is because she was meeting Reverend Dale the father of the baby Hannah had aborted in one of his many houses. After this meeting with the reverend, Hannah told him that she was starting a new life and that he should stay with his wife and continue with his work with the church. As Hannah starts getting more northern she sees on the television that reverend Dale had come out and said that he had cheated on his wife with a person he will leave in secrete. Due to Hannah hearing this she looses herself temporarily and just starts walking in the snow.
Hannah is about to pass out in the snow due to the weather being so cold when someone catches her and says to her that she is safe now and that Kayla was saved by Paul and will be here shortly and also welcome to Quebec. In the very last part of the novel it tells of Hannah waking up to her normal colour of skin and seeing Kayla laying beside her.
Women's Rights:
Rights to their body
Restrictions on Attire
Justice and Retribution:
Redeem yourself in the eyes of God
"True justice"
Must every rule in religion be followed to a 't'? Or are there exceptions?
Is abortion killing? Or is it a men's right to her body?

Will our world ever become so corrupted by the religion
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