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My First 100 days at OLIVER

Approach to my first 100 days in role

amina folarin

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of My First 100 days at OLIVER

My First 100 days at OLIVER

The first 90 -100 days in a new role are crucial to a person's success.
I wanted to share with you how I would approach my first 90 - 100 days in role at OLIVER
I aim to use the content in this to approach planning my first 100 days in role.

Days 0 - 30 LEARN
Days 30 - 60 REVIEW
Providing efficient and effective transactional services
Detail of days 60 - 100
Potential challenges
Learning how things are done, the culture the systems and the technology.
Will overcome in the first 30 days of my plan - the job starts the day I accept -
Look at team structure meet with my team ahead of joining!

Getting to know the business and the people.
Ensure people feel valued that I'm not just getting to know them because of work and objectives but because I want to get to know them.

Pace myself.
It is important to "get struck in" but do not want to lose sight of the bigger picture so will allow myself time to stop and take stock.

Lack of systems and process
I need to be prepared to implement new systems and ways of doing things to help provide the business with effective and efficent ways of managing their people. This can sometimes equal change resistance ( I need to take people with me) and also build strong business cases for investment.
Meeting with colleagues and key stakeholders to start to build trusted and valued relationships getting to know people individually and sharing expectations
Shadowing colleagues to better understand their roles, what they do, how they do it and obtain first hand feedback from them as to what works well and what opportunities there are
Working with Paul and the wider HR team to quickly understand how we do things
Spend time with operations, client services, new business, procurement, marketing and finance to understand how we make money and what gives us our competitive advantage
Get to know the other agencies: Dare and Aylesworth Fleming
What stage are they at with their integrations? What is my involvement in helping the transition?
Meet key stakeholders to get their perspective of the business, what strengths, challenges and opportunities others see for the organisation and the HR Department
Attend any company meetings or events that really help me to understand our business and see the culture coming into play
What are the company values? How do we create shared values for the acquired businesses?
Are people living them?
Understanding the OLIVER PURPOSE how does it fit into the PEOPLE purpose?
How do we stay Agile and entrepreneurial whilst we grow?
How can I help my team ensure they are taking them into account with all of our action?

The Market
What are our competitors doing?
What can we do differently to give us the edge?
How are we performing vs. the Market?
Process mapping the 'As Is' and understanding the strengths and opportunities in what we currently do by red and green flagging, data analysis and 5 Why.

Working with the HR team and business to create a priority transactional process list where opportunities are identified.

Work with HR team and end users to develop new ways of working following the 'Future State' mapping work.

Ensure sufficient provision in new processes for quality checking, service level agreements, standardisation and SOP's to ensure flawless execution and business continuity.

Train and coach the HR team and wider business on new processes,feedback and support until new ways of working are fully embedded.

Ensure training documentation and SOP's are kept alive.

Obtain feedback from the business and provide coaching and feedback to HR staff on performance to agreed SLA's.
Thank you for taking the time to read my plan.

The content I have shared is an overview of my approach to my first 100 days in role. I would hope that within the first 6 weeks I would have a better understanding of the challenges and needs of the business to create a HR strategy that is fit for purpose.
I would be happy to answer any questions on Wednesday.


What does the data tell me? Who is leaving? what are their reasons?
Do I have enough data? Do I need to do an engagement survey?
Hold round tables with a cross section of the organisation
What makes the difference to them?
Meet key people from across the group - What internal skill sets exist that the HR team can leverage?
How can I get HR back on the map? We need to be visible so people see us as integral to the organisation
How can HR start behaving as facilitators of change and help bridge the gap for anything missing?
Creating seamless HR services for the Divisional Directors
Understand from the Directors what seamless HR provision looks and feels like from their perspective, where they see the current strengths and opportunities

Work with Divisional Directors to get alignment on how we will work together with the HRBP's, i.e. create shared objectives and expectations with HRBP input.

Working with HRBP and wider team to create and implement plans for the divisions, obtaining regular feedback from the Divisional Directors on performance and priorities.

Ensure we are designing in standardisation where ever possible in the development of interventions

Providing an aligned functional home for the HRBP's where we regularly meet as a team to share best practice, case management escalated support and consistency checking, providing pre and post coaching as needed. Use HR curriculum to aid development.
Final 40 days- Ready for Action
Quick wins identified and ready to implement
Making sure I have started to make the team more visible
Be more proactive with day to day activities
Implement any activities already planned ( Talent Mapping, Calibration, training sessions)
Positive feedback from the business so far
What do my team need from me? Development plans created
Evaluate - who are my stakeholders that I still need to meet/influence?
Days 30-60 Review
Key Questions
How do you rate the current HR service?
What do we do really well?
What do you want most from an organisation you work for?
What is your business area trying to achieve over the next 12 and 24 months?
Professional and Strategic HR Leader
Significant experience in a variety of brands
Excellent communicator and people leader
Fluent in French
Experience working in Northern Europe
Experienced Change Manager and Facilitator
Learning and Development Evangelist

What do I think is THE CHALLENGE?
Do things to see the culture in action
Visit employees based on client site.
Gain feedback - what is their experience?
Don't try and boil the ocean.
I will aim to focus on the 20% of activities that will add the most value.
Suggested Framework to review client areas
Final 40 days
100 days and beyond
WHAT do I want to achieve during my tenure?
Aim for a high performing culture;
Right people, right time, doing the right things.
Start to build my plan
Where are the areas I can add value quickly?
Brilliant Basics - HR should be known for having slick "day to day practices"
Current processes rolled out;
Start to build on these
When is it appropriate to introduce new methods - 9 box, induction, performance management etc
Team structure
Use my previous experience to provide knowledge and expertise ; What is our L&D offering? What can we communicate immediately?
Do I need to do an engagement survey or are round tables enough?
Set the vision and work towards it 12 -24 months
Multi Industry experience
Creating a fit for purpose HR Team that can create scalable

solutions to its people challenges whilst maintaining and amplifiying the

of the organisation and providing a best in class service to all employees and stakeholders.

Taken from a recent personality profile
I would work with the other People team leaders to agree any metrics not within my area.
This is an example Talent Assessment that can be used to evaluate quickly and track priorities for an employer of choice.
These are just a starter for 10 and I would use the Talent Assessment as a framework to help my evaluation
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