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No description

Kieu Le

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Photography

Photo printing
Turning images into photos
Capture Every Moments
Photography history
Photo Printing
The first camera was invented by Joseph N. Niépce in 1826
Create a story of your own without saying a word
The first photo & camera
First surviving photograph by Joseph N. Niépce in 1826
First color photograph by Thomas Sutton in 1861
It is a pinhole camera, the light of the image enter the pinhole, flip on the film and the film capture the image
Where films photo develop in a safe light environment and using chemicals to create photos
In today world anyone can have their photo print anywhere, at anytime they want and photo paper is no longer the limit
Types of cameras
Film camera
Camera that uses film role
Digital camera
Camera that records and stores digital images
Instant camera
Camera that prints photo instantly after each shot
Special Cameras
Photography is for everyone
With just a click you'll have yourself a picture
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