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Copy of Broadcast Issues: Sex and Violence

BC 10 one and only

arra c.

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Broadcast Issues: Sex and Violence

Broadcast Issues in the Philippines Sex in
Media 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Solution Conclusion The sex and violence on broadcast media can lead to different effects, many of them can be considered negative. However the answer is not to completely remove these violent and sexual content. We need to find a solution and regulation for the betterment of our media and especially the effects of it to the public. Media Violence and its effects KBP code of Ethics Media Sex Effects of Media Sex 1. Learning
Use TV movies as a source of information about sex and birth control

2. Attitudes
Adolescents massively exposed to sex between unmarried characters rated the sexual indiscretion as “less bad”
3. Behaviour Sources The Sage Handbook of Media Studies, Media Violence and Sex
Stacy L Smith, et al.

Violence in the Media: An Exploration of Cause, Effect, and the First Ammendment Marjorie Heins, et al.

Media Violence and the American Public, Scientific Fact versus Media Misinformation
Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson


Google Images Search (photos)


Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (KBP). (2011). KBP Broadcast Code 2011. Retrieved December 20, 2012, from KBP: http://www.kbp.org.ph/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/KBP_Broadcast_Code_2011.pdf pp29-30

Shifting the Paradigm: Primary prevention of Sexual violence. http://www.acha.org/sexualviolence/docs/ACHA_PSV_toolkit.pdf
Elizabeth Thoman.What Parents Can Do about Media Violence. http://www.medialit.org/reading-room/what-parents-
Jane Doe Inc. Sexual violence terms and definitions. http://click.infospace.com/ClickHandler.ashx?du=http%3a%2f%2fwww.janedoe.org%2flearn_more%2fwhat_is_sexual_violence%2fsexual_violence_terms_and_definitions&ru=http%3a%2f%2fwww.janedoe.org%2flearn_more%2fwhat_is_sexual_violence%2fsexual_violence_terms_and_definitions&ld=20130104&ap=2&app=1&c=snapdov3a.2&s=snapdov3a&coi=239137&cop=main-title&euip=

Sexual Violence: Prevention strategies. http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/sexualviolence/prevention.html Broadcast Issues: Sex and Violence Sexual Violence Sec 1.
Crime and violence and other acts of wrongdoing or injustice shall not be presented as good or attractive or beyond retribution, correction or reform. (G) Article 24. CRIME AND VIOLENCE Sec. 2.
Criminals shall not be glorified; crime shall always be condemned. (G) Article 24. CRIME AND VIOLENCE Cover the patient!
I’m scared of blood Sec. 3.
Violence shall not be encouraged and horror shall be minimized. Morbid and gory details are prohibited. (G) Article 24. CRIME AND VIOLENCE Sec. 4.
Speech or action likely to incite any person to violence or anti-social behaviour is prohibited. (G) Article 24. CRIME AND VIOLENCE Sec. 5.
Details of a crime or the re-enactment of a crime shall not be presented in such a way that will teach or encourage the audience how to commit it. (G) Article 24. CRIME AND VIOLENCE Cover the Patient!
Im scared of blood Sec. 1.
Sex and related subjects must be treated with care and must conform to what is generally accepted as proper. (S) Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY Sec. 2.
Pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex shall not be condoned or justified. (S) Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY Sec. 3.
Explicit depiction of sexual acts, sexual perversions and nudity are prohibited. (G) Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY Sec. 4.
Explicit or graphic descriptions of sexual organs, other sensitive parts of the body, and acts generally considered indecent or offensive are prohibited. (G) Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY Sec. 5.
Offensive, obscene blasphemous, profane, and vulgar double meaning words and phrases are prohibited, even if understood only by a segment of the audience. (G) Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY National Television Violence Study

Smith et al., 1998; Wilson et al., 1997, 1998
The largest and most comprehensive content analysis of violence in American television But when the television came out, violence in the broadcasted media was immediately a concern

Several studies were commissioned to determine the effects of media violence The most at risk of learning aggression from media violence are

Younger children
The socially unpopular
Low intellectual achievers
Those who believe TV is realistic
High identifiers with TV characters 1. Aggression In summary:
Violence that is
Enacted by attractive perpetrators
Gun laden
Devoid of consequences
Rewarded or not punished
And humorous
Can all increase the probability of increased aggression in viewers 1. Aggresion We learn new behaviours by observing live or other models

The ‘Modelling Effect’
This includes models in mass media

Violence in media ‘primes’ hostile thoughts in viewers

Alters their evaluation of others 1. Aggresion EFFECTS OF MEDIA VIOLENCE 3 most frequently mentioned types of music consumed:
Alternative rock
Heavy metal

 Feature music videos with violence, especially rap songs Music Pervasive

58% - 61% of television programs show at least one instance of violence
The average 2-11 year-old are exposed to 126 incidents per week or 6,500 incidents a year 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Defined violence as “… intentional acts of force attempting to physically harm an animate being”

Random sampling

Focused on the context of the violence, rather than amount Originally used to cure phobias

Become “desensitized, or less aroused by, more accepting of, and less sensitive to televised aggression” 3. Desensitization Gun sales in America skyrocketed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut 2. Fear Either short-term or long-term responses

cause viewers to

View society as more violent
Buy protective devices like locks, guns, etc
Have a more overall fear of crime 2. Fear James Eagan Holmes
Massacred 12 people in a screening of The Dark Knight Rises
Described as a ‘loner’, sometimes ‘socially inept’
Was a huge fan of Batman; reportedly dyed his hair red to mimic the Joker’s 1. Aggression 2. Children’s shows

Presented in humorous contexts

Filled with incidents involving unrealistically low levels of harm Two worst offenders on television Movies

The most likely genre to feature violence
Most likely to be realistic and graphic Two worst offenders on television 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Trivialized
Humor is juxtaposed with the violent act 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Not Chastised
No punishment, and no remorse 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Sanitized
Devoid of pain
Less than 20 % feature long-term physical, emotional, financial, or societal effects 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Glamorized
Justified, or socially sanctioned

Because they are normally accompanied with ideology supporting the violence A Scene from Romeo and Juliet A Scene from the Mahabharata Achilles against Hektor “Violence is an eternal theme in literature, art, and popular entertainment”

Marjorie Heins,
Violence and the Media From Battlefield 3 Only a handful of studies have examined violence in video games
Games for older children and adults feature four times as many violent interactions per minute than do those general-audience games Video Games 5 General Trends in the Presentation of Violence Glamorized

Attractive perpetrators Most popular term that internet users search for online is sex Internet 1. Soap operas

2. music videos
Technology increases = more movies seen = difficult for parents to monitor the movies their children are watching
Participants expressed preference for those movies that mentioned sex in the description Genres that affect media sex Prime time is the most popular viewing time across all segments of the population
Sexual behavior and references occur in 75% of all prime-time network shows Results from research
Sex on television is on the rise
Portrayals of teenagers engaging in sex have become more frequent
Safe sex messages are extremely rare on television
Sex on TV is frequently combined with humor Television Sex and Violence in media and television must be stopped Issues pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Violence on Film and Television Manila Police Station Violence Issues pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Television programs pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Television programs pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Cash in violent bakery attack missing | ABS-CBN News Issues pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Television programs pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Manila hostage taking crisis Issues pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE SEX AND VIOLENCE Ten people were killed and ten were injured Shooting Rampage in Kawit,Cavite Issues pertaining to SEX and VIOLENCE Sexual violence is commonly motivated by a desire for power and control of the victim and is perpetrated through the use of sexual means.

Sexual violence is a serious problem that can have lasting, harmful effects on victims and their family, friends, and communities.

The goal of sexual violence prevention is simple-to stop it from happening in the first place. However, the solutions are just as complex as the problem. a multi-layered oppression that occurs at the societal and individual level and is connected to and influenced by other forms of oppression, in particular, sexism, racism, and heterosexism. Sexual Violence Sexual Violence individual level- sexual violence is a wide range of sexual acts and behaviors that are unwanted, coerced, committed without consent, or forced either by physical means or through threats. Sexual Violence societal level- preponderance of attitudes, actions, social norms that perpetuate and sustain environments and behaviors that promote a cultural tolerance, acceptance, and denial of sexual assault and abuse. Integrate sexual violence prevention education into curricular and non-curricular activities.
Offer residence hall and extra-curricular activities that are alcohol free. Develop a coordinated, seamless, victim-centered response service between campus and community resources that offers the options of:
✤ Anonymous reporting
✤ Judicial/disciplinary board actions
✤ Medical care/forensic examination
✤ Academic/housing accommodations
✤ Follow-up counseling, support, and advocacy SV prevention in the campus and in the community * Critical-thinking skills will stay with kids when you cant be there. Through guided practice, critical viewing can become an everyday habit for both children and adults. II- Change the impact of violent images that are seen.

-encourage them to develop an awareness of violence when they see it and understand its consequences through their own experience. set limits on how much your children watch

b. set guidelines on what they watch. Help your children select programs within your family's guidelines.

c. Seek to add positive programs while limiting negative ones. Family
Campus and Community Institutions that can help in Sex and Violence prevention I- Reduce exposure to media violence. If children watch television less, and watch it less randomly, they will see less violence. What parents can do about Sex and Violence in Media Sex and Violence Issues in the Philippines KBP and Prevention Ang, Bata, Corpuz, Escobar, Liganor Retrieved (Jan 3 2013) Top 10 sex scenes in music videos

1.Madonna - Erotica
2.Madonna - Justify my love
3.Trey Songz - I invented Sex
4. Britney Spears - Criminal
5. Chris Brown - No bull
6. Usher - Trading Places
7. Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight
8.Robin Thicke - Love After War
9. Ciara - Ride
10. Lady Gaga - alejandro

From: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/07/top-10-sex-scenes-music-videos-0
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