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Copy of Twitter for Teachers

Why in the world would any busy teacher in their right mind purposely use Twitter? With a 140 character limit, what's the point?

Daniel Koh

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Twitter for Teachers

Revision for Healthcare Healthcare in Singapore Can be categorized into 4 main components. Encouraging self-reliance
Keeping Healthcare affordable
Working with organisations
Promoting healthy lifestyle Elaborating the Big 4 Encouraging self-reliance
Keeping healthcare affordable Promoting healthy lifestyle Activity!
Working with organisations Medisave:
Retirement Plan
6%-8% of salary Medishield:
Medical Insurance
Small sum through Medisave
Covers loop-holes in Medisave Government subsidies
Restructuring of hospitals
Means-testing A safety net only for needy citizens
Provide help to those who cannot afford healthcare
Started with $200million
Interest earned is provided to hospitals to help needy patients
Patients can apply for the fund at hospital
A way to ensure that subsidies will be granted to those who needs them most
Fair distribution of resources
The rich will receive less subsidies than the poor
But not implemented yet To reduce medical costs
Health education and campaigns
For example:
TV shows Some voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) given grants to provide medical care
Community hospitals National Kidney Foundation Ang Mo Kio Hospital
St. Andrews Community Hospital
Ren Ci Hospital and Medical Centre Pop Quiz!
What are the 3M + m? Now, you know the healthcare systems in Singapore and Britain.

It's time to cast a vote!
Which system is better? Remember to explain!
Shade the stars based on the criteria!

1 Star: Very low rate of success
2 Star: Low rate of success
3 Star: Moderate rate of success
4 Star: High rate of success
5 Star: Very high rate of success You are financial consultants. Your clients just came to look for you for advice! Due to their short-sightedness, your clients have landed themselves into a lot of debt.

Now, it is up to you to advise them on what they have done wrongly and how they can avoid committing the same mistakes! Instructions:
9 Groups
Discuss and complete each graphic organiser
A prize for every good answer!
10 mins to discuss!
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