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Gorkha Earthquake

No description

Rajan Adhikari

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Gorkha Earthquake

Solution To Minimize Losses
11.25AM Nepal Standard Time on April 2015, 7.8M of earthquake
Epicenter: Gorkha- Barpak
Worst Natural disaster till date

Geographic location: Two movable tectonic plate- The Indian Plate and the Eurasian plate lies beneath land of Nepal (Sky Met Weather, 2015).
Unplanned Urbanization: Kathmandu City is rank as an one of the most unmanaged city (Newar, 2015).
Old and New Building
without building codes:
Most of the Building of Kathmadu
valley are made without implementation of building safety codes (Malla, Kayastha, 2015)
Impacts of Gorkha Earthquake In Nepal
Physical Losses
Economic Losses
Social and Mental Impact
Durbar Squares of Patan,
Hanuman Dhoka (Kathmandu)
and Bhaktapur are almost fully destroyed” (Shrestha, 2015).
Thousands of houses were destroyed
Loss estimated to USD 10 billions.
This amount is equal to quater of country
GDP (NEF, 2015).
Kidnaping children, lure
woman in camp, mental diseases due to shock of quakes.
People themselves are responsible for the huge losses
Earthquake resistant building are expensive to built and need more land area.
Building safety standard aren't consider as they need to save time and money
Main source of native people in Kathmandu Valley is rental money from their building.
If earthquake can hit Nepal again then why we aren't prepared for that?
Building with safety codes
Mananaged Urbanozation
Readiness about the earthquake safety.
Ideas about what to do before, during and after the earthquake.
Gorkha Earthquake
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