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Share The Light: Zambia Presentations

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Marcus Almeida

on 22 November 2010

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Transcript of Share The Light: Zambia Presentations

Introduction Situation In Zambia? How The Project Started Mr Maher lived in Zambia 12 years ago when he was doing charity work and met Mrs Mweete. She was the headmistress of the school he was teaching at. Porridge Club Share The Light Project We as a school have been supporting the porridge club for 6 years now. Events such as the Sixth Form Fun Run raise money to provide daily meals to hundreds of children. A 'project name' which brings together our present and future activities in Zambia all under one roof. Student Sponsorship New to last year. We sponsored eight students through their education and high school who otherwise would not be able to recieve an education. What Is 'Share The Light' A project to promote the value of education within the developing world. Our initial focus is on Zambia. Involves everyone in the Salesian family: Students, parents, governors, Old Salesian Association... Our Involvement City Of Hope Scholarship Programme Big Roma FC See the effect of your hard work and effort when the Sixth Form report back after their trip to Zambia in the summer where they will meet the students and see the projects that you have supported! Why We Should Help? How We Can Help? 'A centre for Girls At Risk' These are often the most vulnerable in society. Run by the Salesian Sisters. Our Role: Assist in the building of a Salesian High School through providing financial assistance Started in 2007. Olivipa (Lawyer), Priska (Nurse) & Paul (Lawyer) Supports students who are enthusiatic about their education and have ambition. Our Role: Expand upon the number of students that we are able to support. Our Role: Provide sponsorship to allow the team to continue playing. Run by Assumption Parish & Fr. John Are in one of the top leagues Provides children and teenagers with community engagement that keeps them away from danger and trouble. At risk of closing down due to lack of financial support from the parish. Take Our Place In The International Salesian Network Allow Others To Share The Light Of Education That You Have “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime" Salesians operate in over 128 countries around the globe. So far, we have directly linked with very few of our international partners. Ideal opportunity to support and share in the experience of our wider Salesian family in Zambia Education is a gift that gives people their future. Many children in Zambia are desperately seeking the path that will give them an education similar to yours. Helping them acheive this is the only way forward. You will be providing support that stays with a child for the rest of their lives - the most powerful form of charity. Most importantly is the opprtunity to become directly involved - Share The Light is a project that you will take ownership of as a school and decide its future diection. James Nesbitt explains the impact education can have on children in an appeal he made several years ago. Fundraising Discuss ideas during your registration time and have a nominated member of the form make a note of the possibilities. Share The Light "Sharing the light of education within the developing world" Ranked 164 / 182 on the Human Development Index Has been heavily affected by the AIDS crisis and leaves many children orphaned, with no family to support them. Children in such situations do not have access to a stable education and thus their future prospects are severly limited. As a school, our aim is to support children in accessing this vital education to enable them to realise their future ambitions. An example of the students... . Includes Sixth Form volunteering in Zambia. Over the next several weeks, meet with your House Captain and team to confirm when you will host your charity event. Have fun and raise those funds! Working Together As a community, you have the power to be able to lead in an exciting and positive charity - Sharing The Light of Education!
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