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Life cycle of the Low Mass star

No description

Blaze Barista

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of Life cycle of the Low Mass star

Nebula Life Cycle Of a Low Mass Star It's a large cloud of gas and dust spread out in an emmense volume. Protostar A contracting cloud of gas and dust with enough mass to form a star called a protostar. Star A star is a sphere of gas held together by its own gravity. RedGiant A red giant star is a star with a mass like our Sun that is in the last phase of its life. Hydrogen fusion reactions have become less efficient in the core region, and with gravitational collapse of the core, the fusion reactions now occur in a shell surrounding the core . Planetary Nebula A planetary nebula is a nebula that is made up of gas and plasma. They are made by certain types of stars when they die. White Dwarf The blue-white core of the star that is left behind cools. Black Dwarf A black dwarf is a white dwarf that has cooled down to the temperature of the cosmic microwave background, and so is invisible
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