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Mark sanchez

No description

Library Media

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Mark sanchez

He is a running back.He went to high school at Grand Blare HS.He ran 97 yards and #30 Touchdowns.
Mark Sanchez
This is his 6th season in the nfl.Mark Sanchez.Mark sanchez lived in a good healthy town.When he was at USC in 2009 they made it to the rose bowl.
Mark sanchez
In 2009 he got drafted to the jets.He was born on November 11th 1986.He lived in Long beach california.He is 6.2 in height.He went to college at USC.He went high school at Mission Viego.His real name is Mark Travis John Sanchez.He is at age 28.This season he has thrown 4 picks.This season he has thrown for 880 passing yards.This season he has scored 6 touchdowns.
All about Mark Sanchez Mark Ingram
in the
Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram played for the saints.He has won the heisman trophy. He is 5.9 in height.He was born December 21 1989.He was born in Hackensack NJ.He is at age 24.He went to college at Alabama.He has played in the NFL for #4 years.This season ran #6 touchdown.This season he has ran 618 yards.In 2011 he got drafted to the saints.

Mark Ingram
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