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Making Inferences

No description

Karie Dollard

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Making Inferences

Making Inferences
Making Inferences
A Strategy for Comprehension
Steps for Making a Good Inference
Inference vs. Observation
Where Am I?
As we entered, a large blast of water hit the windshield. Huge flopping sponges began to slap at the hood as we slowly moved forward. Soon, there were suds spilling over the sides. I was glad the windows were rolled up!
A conclusion or opinion that is formed
because of known facts or evidence

Inferential Thinking
When a reader combines clues from the text with their own background knowledge in order to draw conclusions

What it Is...
A logical conclusion

An educated guess

A way to fill in missing information

What it Isn't...
It is not stating the obvious

It is not a prediction

Observation is what you see

Inference is what you figure out

Find clues in the text

Add what is already known

Support the inference with evidence
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