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Eliminating Animal Experimentation

Language Arts II

Jake Hoult

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Eliminating Animal Experimentation

By Jake Hoult Eliminating Animal Experimentation Why Experimenting on Animals is a Problem. Testing On Volunteer Humans and Prisoners Experimenting on Artificial Materials and Models Animals react different to tests than humans.
It harms them.
There are many animals being used.
Most Animals end up dying. People are already infected
Saves animals from being killed
More effective results
More cures can be found.
Less money to provide for animals Nothing is being harmed.
Has the same effect.
Easier to replace if something goes wrong. Synthetic Skin Computer Modeling Cost is cheaper.
Don't have to produce or make anything.
Shows similar results.
Nothing is being harmed Things Found Without the Use of Animal Testing. Just to name a few... Scurvy
The Heimlich maneuver
Connections between heart disease and cholesterol.
Connections between smoking and cancer. What is Being Done to Different Animals During Testing Conclusion Animal rights groups continue to protest for animal safety.
Governments play a big role.
Alternatives to animal testing exist.
Solutions are available to fix the problem. Animal experimentation continues to be a big problem worldwide. Sources YouTube
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