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Animal Rights EXCEL

Animal Rights philanthropy project for EXCEL

Laura Tsang

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal Rights EXCEL

Stop Animal Testing! Animals like these... can't speak up for themselves... Many of the shampoos and soaps we use on an everyday basis were tested on mice, rats, dogs, and rabbits. They were tortured and many of them died; but sadly, that doesn't stop us from using the products that caused their death. The problem? Most people don't know which products are tested on animals, and which aren't. So many more do. But it does hurt. It hurts little animals. Little animals that may have never seen the sun rise. Is that fair?! The monkeys, bunnies and kittens in that video were hurt in the process of making it. Make a plan. Take action. We will put up posters by beauty stores and cosmetic departments to raise awareness about the animals injured in the making of their products. When you wash your hair and put on lipstick you may not think that you are hurting yourself or others. The welfare of animals needs to come before personal beauty. Because while many companies do not test on animals, The companies that DO NOT test on animals are... Companies that DO test on animals are.... We need to change the well known saying "Beauty is pain" The solution? We did some of the research for you: by finding out which companies test on animals and which don't. Avoid the ones that do; if you buy from them, you are inadvertently participating in animal cruelty. By: Stephanie Grygiel, Joanna Kirkicka, Laura Tsang and Rylee Wernoch So, we can be their voices. Another way that we are going to help protect these innocent animals is by sending letters to all of the major companies that test their cosmetics on animals. OUR MISSION STATEMENT:
The mission of this campaign is to increase animal welfare through informing people about the abuse animals endure during the cosmetic testing processes. Your personal beauty should not cost the life of a mouse, the soul of a rabbit, or the wagging of a puppy's tail. But right now, it does. This will inform them that the lives they are killing in the name of cosmetics matters to us. Our public service anouncement by PETA...
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