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Proposal about canon camera

technical writing

joice anne duran

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Proposal about canon camera

Beauty In Every Shot I. Project Summary A.Introduction B.Rationale and Significance IV.Budget This proposal is for Canon DSLR Cameras where we are proposing to do a commercial to introduce to the public their latest camera models and accessories. the concept title “Beauty in Every Shot” would be perfect for the commercial. This concept title is for the audience to understand that you don’t have to finish a photography course in order to shoot stunning photos. Just play with your imagination, adjust the settings. One click, and you can feel like a pro. With this, we are planning to accomplish a commercial that will influence people to appreciate little things. With this camera, we don’t always need a fancy background or a gorgeous model. Because simple things can make stunning photos too. Canon DSLR Cameras are usually purchased by professional and amateur photographers. Even students and photography enthusiasts purchase this The significance of this commercial is to show the audience the advantages of Canon against others. •Transportation – P300.00

•Food – P500.00

•Venue – P200.00

•Other materials – P300.00 PROPOSAL By

Duran, Joice Anne

Pisigan, Karen

Nadora, Angelica Rose II. We are proposing to do a commercial for Canon Digital SLR cameras. Our concept “Beauty in every shot” explains the idea of playing and having fun with adjusting the camera’s settings in order to achieve the desired shot. No need to take photography lessons; just be imaginative and artistic. A.Introduction We are planning to do a commercial that will take place on typical places. STREET BUILDINGS SUNSET C.Plan of work -Write and draw a storyboard about CANON.
-Look for a professional or skilled photographer and help us shoot the commercial.
-While filming a good and catchy song will play along.
-Commercial will only be played at known TV channels in the country.
-Others that can enhance or help improve the advertisement. D.Methods -Providing a CANON slr and digital camera; and Professional camera man;

-Gathering models/ cast of said commercial for its first scene.

-Gathering the second set for the second scene.

-Gathering the Third, second and first set for the second to the last scene of the commercial.

-Last second of the commercial is for the Product Canon. E.Task Breakdown The task was broken down to two segments, each task assigned to a certain day. So far, all the objectives were completed. III.Personnel • Karen Pisigan - responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting for the commercial.

• Joice Duran – responsible for creating storyboard and the other design for the commercial.

• Angelica Nadora – responsible for audio design. FIRST SCENE SECOND SCENE THIRD SCENE LAST SCENE
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