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Third Grade Body Idioms

No description

Abby Graszl

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Third Grade Body Idioms

Body Parts & Idioms Guess the Idiom Sentences Dialogue Charades Guess the Idiom What is an idiom? I'm all ears! Body Idioms Write at least three sentences, using a different idiom for each sentence. Choose two idioms. With your partner use these two idioms in a dialogue. We will then act out our dialogues for the class! Each team will take turns sending one person to the front of the class. I will give this person an idiom. They must then act out this idiom. The team has one minute to guess the idiom and use it in a sentence. If they do, they get a point. Body Parts! A word or phrase that means something different from what it says. Something that is understood by people from a certain language or culture. A phrase that is NOT literal. Ears Feet Heels Eyes Lips &
Mouth Chin Legs Hand Fingers Thumb Chest Neck a) I have huge ears.
b) I'm listening.
c) I can't hear you. b) I'm listening Example:
Are you listening to me?
Yes, speak, I'm all ears! To get cold feet a) To become nervous or frightened about something important you have to do.
b) To forget to wear your socks to bed in the winter.
c) To try something new and fail. a) To become nervous or frightened about something important you have to do. Example:
John got cold feet before his wedding and almost called it off. To be head over heels a) To fall over
b) To be in love
c) To be confused b) To be really in love Example:
I'm falling head over heels in love with him. To have a Green Thumb a) To eat too many vegetables.
b) To spill paint on your thumb.
c) To be good at growing plants. c) To be good with plants Example:
My grandmother has very beautiful flowers. She has such a green thumb. To have a big mouth a) To eat a lot
b) To be unable to keep secrets.
c) To have many teeth. b) Someone who can't keep a secret. Example:
Don't tell her anything! She has a big mouth! Keep your chin up! a) To stay happy during a hard time.
b) Watch out!
c) To try something new. a) Stay happy & positive during a hard time. Example:
He can't find a job, but he is keeping his chin up. A pain in the neck a) An injury in the neck or back.
b) A hard job.
c) Something that is very annoying. c) Something that is very annoying. Example:
My little brother won't leave me alone. He is such a pain in the neck. My lips are sealed a) I can't breathe.
b) I will keep a secret; I will not tell anyone.
c) I'm on a diet and trying not to eat too much. b) I will keep a secret! Example:
I won't tell anyone, my lips are sealed. Examples: 1) After I got a bad grade on my English test, my mom told me to keep my chin up; I would do better next time.
2) My sister has such a big mouth; she told everyone that I used to wet the bed.
3) My mom never thinks I listen to her, but every time she talks I'm all ears. Example: A: Lisa, I have something to tell you, but you can't tell anyone!
B: My lips are sealed!
A: So Bob and Kate were supposed to get married in June, but Bob got cold feet and now the wedding is called off!
B: Oh no! That's awful. Poor Kate!
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