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Copy of EVT302 OH&S Briefing

No description

Nick Seselja

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of EVT302 OH&S Briefing

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com OH&S First Aid Action Plan EVT302
OH&S Briefing By
Judy Prentice
Sophie Szabo
Nick Seselja The Adelaide Entertainment Centre is South Australia's premier entertainment and meeting facility. The purpose built complex can accommodate events, from intimate style theatrical productions to the grandest extravaganzas, international conferences and major sporting events.
This conveniently situated venue is the perfect location for the Crusty Demons “Appetite for destruction tour”.
The crusty Demons show attracts a diverse range of patrons from children and women, to rev- heads and motocross enthusiast. The Appetite for destruction tours is aimed at males 18 – 35.
Expect the unexpected with tricks, stunts, music and more. This show promises more than ever before and world record attempts. Event Overview and Venue The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2012 places the onus on employers to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

A copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2012 is available at the Adelaide entertainment center.

You the client, hirer or contractor are expected to view this presentation, show it to all supervising staff or crew and then sign and return the attached declaration.

This declaration is an important part of your hiring agreement or contract and no event or work can begin without its completion.

Every hirer is expected to appoint a Company Liaison Person or Stage Manager who in an emergency situation will take a principle role in evacuating the cast and crew from the venue.

This person should make themselves familiar with the location of all fire extinguishers and emergency exits St John Ambulance has trained first aiders in attendance during all performances.

Should you need first aid please notify Your Supervising Technician or the Front of House Supervisor immediately.


Please report all incidents to your Supervising Technician or Front of House Supervisor.

First aid for Crusty Team

First Aid will be supplier to the crusty demon riders and team from Ambulance South Australia and the team doctor. The ambulance will be on site during main rehearsals. The team doctor will be onsite all time during training and practice sessions. There will be a further 3 Ambulances on call in the event of a major incident during the show.

First Aid for the patron

First aid for the patron will be supplied by the contractors of Adelaide entertainment centre and can be found at any of the registered first aid rooms.

The Arena has First Aid rooms adjacent to Doors 1 and 12 at Foyer Level, and another located at Arena Floor Level. The Theater has a First Aid Room located in its Foyer. Volunteers from the St John's Ambulance staff attend most concerts. Riding Legislation
South Australian legislation states Use of fireworks indoors

•Fireworks, other than indoor fireworks or general use fireworks, must not be ignited indoors without the written approval of the Director.
• Indoor fireworks must not be ignited indoors while a spectator is closer to the point of firing than
a. if the manufacturer's instructions for use displayed on the firework or packaging containing the firework or supplied with the firework specify a distance for that purpose—that distance; or
b. if a distance is not so specified—3 meter A licensed pyrotechnic Business and persons must be used to purchase, carry, setup and ignite the pyrotechnics under south Australian legislation.

Division 1 section 9b states an Australian licensed pyrotechnician can work alongside the team pyrotechnician “acting under the direct supervision of a person who holds a pyrotechnician's license. Explosives (Fireworks) Regulations 2001 under the Explosives Act 1936 V1.7.2012 Pyrotechnics Due to the Crusty Demons show not being of a racing manner an international competing license is not required. As they are riding on private property no international motorbike license is legally required but it is preferred for any person riding and or driving a vehicle within the Adelaide Entertainments Center. Venue Map Evacuation Procedures Every hirer is expected to appoint a Company Liaison Person or Stage Manager who in an emergency situation will take a principle role in evacuating the cast and crew from the venue.This person should make themselves familiar with the location of all fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

In the case of a fire or emergency, the exits will be via exits 1, 4 and 7. (See Venue Map, Slide 11). Should one of these exits be blocked, or be dangerous to use, ushers will show people to the other two exits.

The emergency meeting point once people are evacuated will be the carpark on Adam St. (Closest to exit 4). Ushers will give directions from that point as to when or if it is safe to return. References Adelaide Entertainment Centre Website (www.theaec.net)
Explosives (Fireworks) Regulations 2001 under the Explosives Act 1936 V1.7.2012 Available from: http://www.legislation.sa.gov.au/LZ/C/R/EXPLOSIVES%20(FIREWORKS)%20REGULATIONS%202001/CURRENT/2001.245.UN.PDF Risk Definitions SAFE Acronym Spot the Hazard
Assess the risk
Fix the problem
Evaluate the result Smoking The Adelaide Entertainment Center is a non-smoking venue and smoking within the venue is prohibited. When possible, for the performers and crew the Adelaide Entertainment Center will nominate a secure outdoor smoking area.
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