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Orlando , Florida.

No description

areona vinson

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Orlando , Florida.

Orlando , Florida. -GANG Amiah Harris , Areona Vinson
We using the Fronter Airlines its $376.00 for each person class=coach Depart March, 06, 2015- March, 14, 2015 round trip ticket.

We staying at The Travelodge Inn and Suites Orlando Airport for $51 each night , the total will be $454.

Rent a car for $333.35 Ford Mustang Convertible

We are going to eat at K restaurant before we go to Disney World. That cost us $30 in all to eat.

We spent 180.00 on gas
Day 1
Wake up, shower , go down the elevator, eat breakfast , then we go to Magic Kingdom and we get the one day pass for $49 each.
We start riding some rides , such as: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad , Haunted Mansion , Splash Mountain , Tomorrowland speedway , and Seven dwarfs mine train.
Day 2
Wet 'n wild is the second we're going.
We're going to ride: Aqua Drag Racer, Der Stuka, The Storm, Bomb Bay, Mach 5. For parking its going to cost $13.00. We eat bubba`s fried chicken and ribs from Wet `N Wild. That cost $27.00 Then we go home and lay down.
Day 3
We're going to Universal Orlando for $99.86
We're going to walk around , go get something to eat and talk for a minute. Then we got on the rides; Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Halloween Horror Night, Incredible Hulk, Fear Factor Live, Dragon Challenge. We go back home and got to the beach and just chill for the rest of the day.
We're going to Seaworld.
We're going to shows and rides such as: Riding Manta, Kranken, Shows, One Ocean , and Blue Horizons. We going to take pictures with the animals , after that we go and get some chinese food from Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant, it cost us $45 in all.
Day 5
We're going to Epcot. We're going to see Disney Animals: such as sharks and turtles. Then we're going to House of the Whispering Willows and ImageWorks- The "What If" Labs. We went and ate at McDonalds for $8.50. We take a nap when we came back. then went to the beach.
Day 6
We spent $2091.71 on this trip. We broke sorry we ain't spending no more money for a year we turning into hobos. We had fun in Orlando but next time we going somewhere else.........to be continued!
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