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No description

teish lind

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of farfar

Mogens Birger
(Peter Lind) By Tarneisha Lind Personal information Marriage(s) Denmark Significant events First things in life Family Day to day life Name(s) - Mogens Birger Peter Lind
D.O.B - 8/4/1946
P.O.B - Trane Kaer Denmark
Nationality - Danish
Education - Woocaka school Denmark
Occupation - Pannel better First marriage was to Marcia June
Second marriage was to Dianne Jackson He moved from Denmark to Australia when I was eleven on a big boat following his parents. Australia is a lot warmer then Denmark. Sisters
Inger Marriage and 2 boys Farming was he first job.
His first car 1951 Ford Prefect.
Freya was his first pet over in Denmark.
Red kelpie named Ginger in Australia. Weekdays
Were mainly school and working on the farm.
Working and playing Footy or cricket with my friends. Brothers
Eric Sons
Bruce Parents
Edith Grandkids Charlie Kodi Lachlan Tarneisha Young Life Best friend - Mervyn Davis
Farming was much more important then school was
Lots of things have changed from when i was younger like food and Money. Ryan Harry
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