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Cow factors and udder health indicators

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Ann Nyman

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Cow factors and udder health indicators

Project group:
Karin Persson Waller
Ulf Emanuelson
Torben Werner Bennedsgaard
Torben Larsen

Financial support from the Swedish Farmer’s Foundation for Agricultural Research (Stockholm, Sweden)
All investigated inflammatory indicators are affected by cow factors

It does not seem necessary to adjust the SCC for cow factors

SCC seems the best indicator to use to find cows with subclinical mastitis
Associations between IMI and SCC, LDH, NAGase and AP
Parity and urea in milk was associated with all inflammatory indicators

Breed was associated with SCC and AP

Days in milk (DIM) was associated with LDH, NAGase and AP

Season was associated with LDH and NAGase
Lowest in October-November compared to January-April

Milk yield was associated with SCC and NAGase

Percentage of fat in milk was associated with SCC and AP
Increasing SCC and AP with increasing percentage of fat

Percentage of protein was associated with LDH
Increasing LDH with increasing percentage of protein
To investigate associations between the inflammatory indicators and
cow factors (of bacteriological negative cows )
intra-mammary infections (IMI)

To investigate the ability of the inflammatory indicators to predict IMI
The project
In Sweden we have used a adjusted SCC:
Stage of lactation
Milk yield

The adjusted SCC has been used to predict the probability that a cow has infectious subclinical mastitis in one or more udder quarters – “the udder health classes”
Inflammatory indicators
Inflammatory indicators
Can increase/decrease due to other factors than infection, e.g. parity, stage of lactation, stress etc.

How does this affect the ability to find cows with an infection?
Inflammatory indicators
Somatic cell count (SCC)
At IMI the proportion of neutrophils can increase ≥ 90%
Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
N-acetylβ-D-glucosaminidase (NAGase)
Alkaline phosphatase (AP)
Where do we start?
What do we want to achieve?
Prevent spread of infectious subclinical mastitis
We have to find the cows that have infectious subclinical mastitis
How do we find them?
By bacteriological culturing/ PCR assay
By measuring inflammatory indicators to help us select cows for sampling
Ann Nyman, MSc, PhD, National Veterinary Institute
Effects of cow factors and intra-mammary infection on udder-health indicators
How does cow factors affect SCC, LDH, NAGase and AP in healthy cows?
The project
Approximately 970 cows from 25 herds
3 consecutive samplings
Bacteriological culturing of all quarters on all occasions
One whole udder milk sample - SCC, LDH, NAGase and AP
Amount explained
Distribution of predicted values
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