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Nuclear Energy

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on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy By: Jomani, Becket, Atticus, Carter, Alex, Wheeler, Olivia, Sam & Noah Origin & History Energy Consumption & Production Cost & Benefits Nuclear Plants in China plan to make many more power plants, but if they put too many too fast, there will be a shortfall of fuel, equipment, and money. Nuclear powers 6% of the world's energy and 14% of the world's electricity. Nuclear waste is hurting the environment. The primary stake holders are: The power plant owners The government Ernest Rutherford In 1932, the neutron was discovered by James Chadwick. The first man-made nuclear reactor was created in 1942. The first electricity generated by a nuclear reactor happened in 1951. During the Cold War in the 1960's, people were constantly afraid of nuclear bombing. http://lc.brooklyn.cuny.edu/smarttutor/corc1322/Neutron.htm http://grupo225-marcialhuertero-jimmyneutron.blogspot.com/2011/04/caricatura-jimmy-neutron.html http://astorialic.org/events.php?id=192 http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/ernest-rutherford-baron-rutherford-of-nelson Long ago people did not use a lot of nuclear energy, but now we use a lot of it so it costs more. Nuclear energy is the sustained nuclear fission or the splitting or breaking up of particles. Nuclear energy makes
much more per day than
other power sources;
Solar per day= 50 kilowatts
Nuclear per day= 900 kilowatts In total, North Carolina uses about 32% nuclear. In the summer, North Carolina uses about 18% nuclear. Compared to Solar, North Carolina uses about 30% more nuclear than solar. Solar uses about 2% of NC's electricity. NC is 5th in the nation in net electricity for nuclear power. http://wikis.lib.ncsu.edu/index.php/Nuclear_Fission The potential for nuclear energy is renewable energy. The people who drink the water The people who live around the plant The residents of the state
and everyone benefits of less pollution The main environmental concerns for nuclear power are radioactive waste. In 2011, nuclear plants made 790 billion kWh from 104 nuclear generating units. 2003=$2000
2009=$4000 Nuclear energy costs 7.2 million dollars for maintenance The capital cost of nuclear energy overall is 13.8 million dollars. Technology The main technology for nuclear energy is the nuclear reactors. The worlds first nuclear reactors operated about 2 billion years ago. Today we use a pressurized water reactor(PWR) and a boiling water reactor(BWR). Components: Fuel, Moderator, Control Rods, Coolant, Pressure Tubes Steam Generator and Containment. Nuclear energy cost 2.19 cents per kWh. A lot of nuclear electricity is using 2 kinds of reactors that were created in 1950's. The Game Show! Next! radiation is the worst
part of nuclear energy.
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