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Idol republic: the global emergence of girl industries and t

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jessica yoo

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Idol republic: the global emergence of girl industries and t

Idol republic:
"Girl Industries"
:refers to cultural industries and to the popular daily practice of cultural contents that are produced and distributed of and for girls, as well as consumed by them.
Girl Idol Groups
the global emergence of girl industries and the commercialization of girl bodies by Yeran, Kim

Main Points
1. establishment of girl industries as a major part of Korea’s contemporary cultural economy and popular culture

2. visual analysis of girl bodies as the product of neoliberal branding and commodification

3. appropriation of girl bodies in the self-claimed idol republic’s cultural globalization.
to investigate how girl industries are constructed and operated in global, regional and local interactions and contestations

Aim of this Essay
-Collective: 5-10 girls in one group
-Systematically cultivated and managed in uniform styles
-Prepare by training in dancing, singing, stage manners, drama and foreign languages a couple of years
-Cultural content that is designed and cultivated in a corporate management system.

-Thriving culture of self-image production among the young generation
-Typically female, and young women in their teens and twenties
-Fascinated with taking pictures of themselves and uploading them on SNS
-Realization of libertarian democratization.
Selca Culture
Lolita Nationalism
-Girl idols: presented as agents who motivate citizens to become involved in building global nation.
-Example: Girl's Generation

1. What do you think of these pictures?
(How will this commercialization affect people especially teenagers? )
2. Is the commercialization of girl bodies good or bad?
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