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Castles on the Rhine River

No description

Husref Rizvanovic

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Castles on the Rhine River

Castles on the Rhine River
The Best of Germany
Husref Rizvanovic

Built by the architect Johann Claudius of Lassaulx.
Filled with Renaissance Era paintings and murals
One of the most romantic Castles.
Hosts Medieval games.
Rheinstein Castle
Served as a toll station until 1866.
The Prussian army crossed the River in 1813-14 leading to the fall of Napoleon.

Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station
Also known as Thurnberg.
Archbishop Balduin built the castle between 1353-1388 to protect newly acquired land.
One of the most modern buildings of its time.
Castles spied on each other so it got it;s name playing a cat and mouse game with the Katz Castle.
Maus(Mouse) Castle
Landmark of Bingen.
Houses the City Council
was Destroyed in 1689
Rebuilt in 1875-79
Klopp Castle
Sterrenberg Castle and Liebenstein Castle are called the "Hostile Brothers". Over dispute with the owners.
No real violence ever recorded.
The castle has a hotel and restaurant on the inside.
Liebenstein Castle
Prince Elector's Castles
Located in Koblenz
Built in 1185!
Spiral staircase built from sandstone!
Town Library, Archives, and homes Archbishops.

Castle Heimburg
built in 1294
It decayed away
Was destroyed by Napoleon.
Built in 1244 in Mainz to protect homes.
During thirty years war it was severely damaged.
Remained uninhabited until 1852 when it was rebuilt.
Shares a rich Medieval history.
Martinsburg Castle
Built in the 14th Centruy
Served as a toll station
Towers added at different points in time for different services.
Castle Katz
Built in the 14th century
Served as a military base and defensive tower.
Maintained key fishing water.
Not open to visitors.
Destroyed and rebuilt to upgrade defenses.
Napoleon blew it up in 1806
Later rebuilt and served as a high school.
Castle Schonburg
Is known for one of the most romantic hotels in Europe
Destroyed in 1689
Later rebuilt with a hotel.
Beautiful hiking grounds.
Castle Gutenfels
Translates to "Solid Rock"
Because it was a defensive military fortress.
Now used as a hotel.
"Castles on the Rhine River in Germany." Castles, Fortresses and Palaces on the Rhine River in Germany. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2013
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