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Airline Passenger Marketing

No description

Carlos La Rocca

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Airline Passenger Marketing

Airline Passenger Marketing
Marketing Defined
Marketing Concept
Production Oriented Period
Time when services were scarce and customers accepted what was available.

Sales Oriented Period
Reflected the operations and selling talents of the company and met the needs of the flying public.
"Shotgun approach" to marketing
the idea was to convince people to fly rather than take the railroad.

Consumer Oriented Period
Designed to discover what customers really want.

Target Market
Identify specific groups of customers that the company wants to appeal to.
Uncontrollable Variables
Variables that the marketing team can do nothing about:
Cultural and social differences
Political and regulatory environment
Economic environment
Existing competitive structure
Edward Obssuth & Carlos La Rocca
Examples of Intensive Growth Strategies
Broad area of business activity that directs the flow of services to the customer.

This is to satisfy customers' needs and wants while achieving company objectives.
Controllable Marketing-Decision Variables
The right product (or service) must be developed for the target market
A price that gives good value to the customer and adequate revenue to the carrier must be set for the product
Personal selling and advertising must be used, both to communicate information about the product to the customer and to the facilitate sales
Appropriate channels of distribution must be found to ensure that the product reaches the target market at the right time and in the right place
marketing mix
consists of the types and amounts of controllable marketing-decision variables that a company uses over a particular time period:
Marketing includes business activities such as:
selling, forecasting, market research and analysis, product research and development, price setting, promotion, and advertisement

Penetrate Existing Target Market
Promotional Fairs
Class of Service
Frequent Flyer Miles
Weekend Clubs

Increase Product Development
In-flight wifi
In-flight phone service
Better seating
Complimentary beverages
Enhanced entertainment

Develop New Target Market
Consumer-Oriented Marketing Concept
Developing service responsive to customer's needs which requires market research
Market Segmentation
Divide into smaller consumer groups
Post Deregulation Marketing Strategies
Computerized Reservation Systems
Travel Agents
Frequent-Flyer Programs
Business-Class Service
Code Sharing
Hub-and-Spoke Service
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