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Patrick Stump Biography

No description

Cierra Ysidron

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Patrick Stump Biography

Patrick Stump Biography
Early Years
Fall Out Boy and On His Own
Going Back Together
Patrick Stump was born on April 17th, 1984 in Evanston, Illinois. His Birth name is Patrick Martin Stumph. He is the youngest of his family with a sister named Megan and a brother named Kevin. He grew up in Glenveiw, Illinois.
High School
When He was a teenager, he attended Glenbrook South High. During his teenage years, he played the drums in quite a few local Chicago hardcore punk bands, including Public Display of Affection, Xgrinding process, and Patterson.
After Drums...
He had always played the drums and didn't know how to play anything else. Later on though he had to learn something else when he joined... Fall Out Boy!
When he first Joined Fall Out Boy, he changed his last name to Stump to stop the confusion over the pronouncement of his last name. Patrick Stump also had to learn to play guitar and became lead singer. His band mates are Pete Wentz as the Bassist, Joe Trohman as Guitarist, and Andy Hurley as the Drummer.
Beginning To Leave
Fall Out Boy broke up after a while in 2011. This Is also when Patrick Stump created his first solo extended play (e.p.) called Truant Wave.
Truly Solo
On October eighteenth 2012, Patrick Stump created his first solo album called Soul Punk. When He was still with Fall Out Boy, their music was mostly rock. While on his own his music is more alternative.
Meeting Wentz
In early 2012 Stump and Wentz met up together in the first time in years. They were figuring out new music that seemed to fit them better.
Together Again
On April sixteenth 2013 Fall Out Boy released an album called "Save Rock and Roll". This showed that the band was finally back. But they weren't in the spotlight until February fourteenth 2014.
Latest Album
Their latest Album is called "American Beauty/American Psycho. The songs in the album are:
1. Irresistible 2. American Beauty/American Psycho 3. Centuries 4. The Kids Aren’t Alright 5. Uma Thurman 6. Jet Pack Blues 7. Novocaine (my favorite) 8. Fourth Of July 9. Favorite Record 10. Immortals
11. Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC).
By: Cierra Ysidron
When It Started
Stump Right Now
Right now Stump is at the age of thirty and is 5' 5". His spouse is Elisa Yao. He has one child and his name is Declan Stump. And his parents names are Patricia and David Stumph.
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