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Mousse Dulce de Aguacate

No description

Gerardo Contreras

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Mousse Dulce de Aguacate

¿What is L'Ahuacatl?
Sweet Avocado Mousse
Its a new way of consuming
avocado , in the form of
a sweet mousse to
enjoy as a dessert
Gerardo Gabriel Contreras
With México being a great
avocado consumer and producer
It comes the following proposition
¿Why not a dessert made up with
With limited choices of mousses available in the market
Aiming a market of men and women
with ages between 15 to 29 that love to consume
What is our Vision
To be the preferred company for consumers to satisfy their taste for avocado desserts in Monterrey, maintaining our high quality standards, always looking for customer satisfaction and personal growth, taking a positive contribution to our investors.
What is our Mission
Offer consumers a new choice of cold desserts avocado, providing high quality products using the best raw materials and processes developed by trained personnel, providing customer satisfaction, being a hardworking, honest and consistent business return to investors in Monterrey.
Our competitive advantages..
New concept of dessert

Avocado is a nutritious fruit

People love desserts

Our goal is to be the preferred brand in Monterrey
, being known for its characterized product , its quality and the satisfaction given to its consumers.
There is no direct competition to this product , but there are some establishments that offer
mousses such as bakeries and supermarkets
Here are the most relevant ones in
Monterrey , specifically Cumbres , where the business is visualized to start
Fiscal conformation

Individual with business activity
The target
According to INEGI´s population census of 2010
the population between these ages in Monterrey is..
Men - 147,000
Women - 142,000
With the tendency to grow 1% on 2015
The population of the city of Monterrey from 15 to 29 years old, of medium and medium-high socioeconomic level
To start this

An investment of
$203,103 consisting of a loan to SE and family capital
This amount includes equipment , rentals , supplies and adapting the local
A sales forecast was made , getting the following results ( considering if the 80% of the total production within a month is sold)
Recovery time - 6 months
Break even point of 12,890 pieces of product
in a month
The team
¿Where can i find it?
The idea is to sell it on convenience stores and
supermarkets such as...
100% Mexican

100% Natural

The Location
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