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Functions and inverse functions in real life

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nicolas cortes

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Functions and inverse functions in real life

Nicolas Cortes P.4
Functions and inverse functions in my life
A function is a relationship between inputs and outputs. In a function, each input has only one output. The opposite of a function is its inverse. Whatever the function does, its inverse undoes.
What is a function and and inverse?
Functions are found in everyday life. There are many small examples like adding ingredients while cooking or performing operations on a game. However, I will use the example of currency conversions.
In Real life...
1 US dollar is exactly 2402.9 Pesos, 0.90868 Euros and 0.65070 Pounds. This makes transactions regarding money complicated, so the way to make it easier is by using function to convert and an inverse function to convert back.
Different currencies...
One example I use everyday is the conversion of US dollars to Colombian Pesos. 2402.9 Pesos are 1 dollar, and to find that out one must use a function. If y=The amount of pesos, and x=the amount of dollars one needs to convert, then: Y=X·2402.9 is true.
With this formula one can find the amount of pesos equivalent to the dollars inputted for X.
The inverse of the function
To get the original amount back, or simply calculate the other currency, one must use the inverse function. In this case, the inverse function is: Y=X/2402.9. Were Y is the amount of dollars, and X is the pesos.
Another example would be to convert measurements units to other measurement units. For example meters to feet, or kilometers to miles.

Metric Conversions
In order to convert from meters to feet, one must use the formula of Y=X·3.3. Y is equal to the amount of feet equivalent to the amount of meters inputted on the X value.
Although when you are trying to convert in your head you might not think on this equation you are still using the same process.
In my life I always use this two examples. Especially since I am not used to the measurements in feet or the dollar currency
Therefore, this formulas play an important part in a common day because they can be used all the time.
Also, it is not only just me who struggles with the inches, feet and miles. Most people who normally use the metric system aren't used to using feet and inches, that is why this formulas are so vital and commonly used.
Also, to convert from miles to kilometers the equation that could be use is Y=X·1.609. Y is the miles and X is the kilometers you want to convert.
Also, in order to find the other value, then one must use the inverse function. In this case it would help to find the other value, so switch X and Y.
In conclusion, functions and their inverses are used all he time in real life situation. Also, sometimes they are more common than what we think.
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