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Alexandra TB

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of AUDET, HAGE, TERRASI-BRISEBOIS Digital Citizen PREZI

Digital Citizenship
Benefits of social media
What is cyberbullying?
What is Digital citizenship?
The benefits of social media.
You can keep in touch with relatives and friends.
You can become familiar with new and evolving technology.
You can find support.
You can use it to keep organized.
The downfalls of social media.
You can never be completely sure who you are talking to.
You can be cyberbullied.
You spend less time outside and being active.
Hackers can steal personal information.
What is digital citizenship?
Digital Citizenship PREZI

Downfalls of social media
What are your rights and responsibilities in digital citizenship?
What can we do about cyberbullying?
Rights/Responsibilities of Digital citizenship
What is cyberbullying?

Bullying someone using an electronic
Using harsh words.
Insulting the person.
You insult the person daily.
Humiliate them in front of a lot
of people online.
What can we do about cyberbullying.
When you see or hear about it you tell a responsible adult.
You can stand up for the victim either online or at school.
It is the way that people should act while using digital technology (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.).
It is often mentioned in relation to Internet safety.
Also known as digital wellness or digital ethics.
Digital citizens have the right to privacy, freedom of speech, etc.
You have the responsibility to respect the rights of others (allow them to speak freely, etc.) and to not abuse your own.
You may not send hurtful messages to others or threaten them in any way.
You have the right to be yourself and to let others do the same.
Bullying someone using an electronic
Using harsh words
Insulting the person
You insult the person daily
Humiliate them in front of a lot
of people
What is cyberbullying?
u suck!
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