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Marketing plan for Avon

presentation by Daria Kuznetsova, Ksenia Lukanova, Alexander Hambir, Sergei Caslaru, Erilda Hoxha

Daria Kuznetsova

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing plan for Avon

Section C, Team 5

Serghei Căslaru, Erilda Hoxha,
Alexander Khambir, Daria Kuznetsova,
Ksenia Lukanova

 December 6, 2012 Marketing Plan Table of Content Current situation
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Strategies
Monitoring Tools Current Situation Brazil is Avon’s biggest market

Total Revenue 2011:
Brazil $ 2.0 billion
U.S. $ 1.7 billion Market Description Market Description Sales in Brazil are growing. Primary Competitors Avon Beauty Products in Brazil
Booming middle class
Women’s income is growing
Brazilian women pay a lot of attention
to their appearance Brazilians like personal selling approach
Online retailing is growing
A trend for natural cosmetics
Brazilians are brand loyal Strengths Personal selling
Decentralized structure
Product adaptation strategies
Biggest market share Weaknesses Weak brand image
Lack of online presence
Lack of event marketing
Declining net income Opportunities Increased women’s representation in the workforce
Growing purchasing power
Emergence of “green” trends
Diverse sources of ingredients’ supply Threats Many competitors with the same strategy
Decline of the door-to-door approach popularity
Currency fluctuations
Growth of environmental awareness Market Share Breakdown Marketing strategy objectives: Change the customer perception about the product’s value
Become closer to Brazilian culture in the minds of the customers
Become more Internet-savy Marketing mix
strategies Product
Promotion Product Introduce three lines of natural products
Use local raw material and partner with local businesses Price Maintain the current prices Place Rent spaces in the shopping malls
Construct children playgrounds
Build relaxation areas
Set up mobile stores during the Brazilian Carnival Promotion
Communicate the message that customers' bodies will love Avon's new natural products

Create public awareness of Avon's partnerships with Brazilian businesses (PR)

Media: TV commercial, online advertising, print ads in magazines, viral marketing Do the talk ! Monitoring tools Avon: an Internet-friendly Company Where objectives are met and all goals are reached Look at the revenues and the contribution margin of the Company.
If they increase, that means our marketing plan is efficient How the promotion campaigns affected people?!
=> Talk to the customers and ask for feedback
=> Questionnaire available as well Blogs and websites where people can chat and exchange their impressions about the products THANK YOU SWOT
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