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Multiple Intelligences

No description

Samantha Blaisdell

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences
Intelligence is NOT:
- Just being good at math or logic
- Just being good at reading, writing, and grammar
- Any one type of knowledge
What Multiple Intelligences mean for you:
* Shows you that there are other ways to be intelligent

* Shows you where you can grow

* Gives you a way to access new information in new ways
Learning Styles:


Most Important:
- Everyone CAN learn using each style, not just their preferred

- Sometimes it's
to learn something in an uncomfortable way

- This class is going to use all 3 styles ALL the time
1. How are you smart?

2. How can you use your intelligences to succeed in Spanish class?
Getting to know YOU
On page 10 in your ISN:
Draw 5 pictures of ways you can use your preferred learning styles to help you study and label each picture with a short description.
Get to know yourself:
Take the true colors personality quiz to find the color of your personality.

Tape the description onto
pg. 12
and highlight the phrases that apply to you.
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