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Rhino Poaching

No description

Annelies Bardoul

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Rhino Poaching

Rhino Poaching.
What do we think about it?
We need to educate people about rhino poaching if we want to change the way people treat rhinos. People don't realize that if this global issue continues, then rhinos could potentially become extinct.
Where does it happen?
Rhino poaching takes place in most african countries. In Vietnam rhinos are extinct. In some safaris in africa people pay up to $17,000 to hunt rhino. Rhino horn is sold for medicinal purposes.
Rhino poaching is an illegal activity. Rhino are hunted for their horn which is now worth more than gold. So how can we stop it? Well first lets tell you a little more about the issue.
What is Rhino poaching?
We believe that rhino poaching is wrong and we need to stop it. Why? Many hunters chainsaw off live rhinos horns. Others shoot them then cut of their horns. And the worst thing about it is that rhino horn isn't scientifically proven to help your health.
So what can we do to stop it?
How can we prevent rhinos being killed for their horns?
-Managing conflict through finding peaceful solutions improves quality of life.
-Effective conflict management and resolution influences the present

Why does it happen?
Rhino horn is sold for $60,000. Rhino horn is very popular because it is meant to cure fevers, blood noses, strokes, cancer and convulsions. Rhinos don't breed very quickly and rhinos will soon be extinct

How many rhinos are left?
Javan rhinos: 50 Classification: Critically Endangered
Black rhinos: 3,610 Classification: Critically Endangered
White rhinos: 20,000 Classification: Near Threatened
One-horned/Indian rhinos: 2,913 Classification: Vulnerable
Sumatran rhino: Fewer than 200 Classification: Critically Endangered
How do we deal with the
In conclusion we think rhino poaching needs to stop before rhinos run out. Rhino poaching is a cruel activity that should not be done even if it's for a great amount of money.
Poachers are usually arested, fined or killed. Many poachers are killed while trying to kill the rhinos. They are usually fined but in some countries they are put in jail. There is a new law to be put in place next month with a minimum fine of nearly $115,000, or a minimum 15 years in jail.
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