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Media Text Analysis of Horton Hears a Who

No description

Stephen Chow

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Media Text Analysis of Horton Hears a Who

By: Stephen Chow Horton Hears a Who! Critical Lens Analysis Horton and Ned McDodd
Horton takes on the responsibility of relocating Who-ville
Ned McDodd is responsible for keeping Who-ville safe The Heroes Horton the elephant and Jojo the Who
Horton is cast out
Jojo leaves voluntarily The Terrible Mother The Trickster The Outcasts Jane Kangaroo and the Chairman Jane Kangaroo hampers Horton's progress to Mount Nool
e.g. Summons Vlad Vladikoff to destroy the clover The Chairman contradicts everything Mayor McDodd says e.g. the Whos ignore McDodd's warning because the councilman claims it is part of the celebration Message of the Text The Wise Old Man Morton the mouse
displays qualities such as goodwill, insight, wisdom, knowledge and readiness to help e.g. Morton warns Horton of Vlad and the angry mob The Good Mother Salley O'Malley Provides warmth and support for her husband Ned McDodd Jane Kangaroo displays associations with fear, danger and dark dealings e.g. employs Vlad to destroy the clover, similar to a mercenary The Shrew Jane Kangaroo is bad-tempered and an aggressively assertive female Characters Symbols Blue Black Four Seven Horton, the Mayor and Morton have blue eyes The Mayoral Room is blue Vlad Vladikoff and the Council symbolizing death and evil The female principle Tommy, Katie, Jessica and the friend (pictured left to right) perfect order 7 Whos run Whoville anti-abortion
God Exists Metacognition Strengths and Weaknesses as a producer Strengths Weaknesses provide lots of visual aids
able to come up with solutions when unexpected problems occur with presentation try to put too much text
first time Prezi user
Prezi doesn't support sound files so I had to improvise
I had a lot of problems with adding sound and video Implied Message Overt Message stand up for yourself and respect others' opinions Themes/Motifs Thanks for watching! :) Skills my listening and reading skills helped me understand the movie and how I could apply the archetypal lens could to the movie
my speaking skills helped make the project more interesting by introducing a different kind of audio aid to engage the audience my writing skills helped me create coherent but concise slides that would not appear as walls of text The Hero's Journey Pattern Theme Motif "a person's a person, no matter how small" - Horton Stand up for what you believe in and don't give up
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