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The Leadership Campaign

No description

John Togher

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of The Leadership Campaign

The Leadership Campaign
Who would make the best leader?
Analyse characters in novel
Argue and justify why chosen character should be leader
Create persuasive poster
Implement quotes and evidence from novel

Analysed main characters from the novel
Justified why they should be leader
Created a persuasive poster
Implemented quotes and evidence from the book.

Fill in your Reflection sentence in your books.
Full audio and film on padlet site.

What makes a good leader?
Watch the video and list the 7 qualities of a leader.

Discuss in pairs if Jack, Ralph or Piggy has shown any of these so far.
Present you poster / pamphlet
Debate with other groups as to why your chosen candidate should
Jack, Ralph & Piggy
You will be assigned one of the main characters.

You will analyse your character's leadership qualities based on those identified in the video.

Use quotes and evidence from the novel to justify your argument.
Persuasive Poster
Create a persuasive poster for your leadership candidate.

Use quotes and evidence from the book.

You can also create a pamphlet - fold paper three times.

Analyse character
Justify reasons
Implement evidence from book
Stretch & Challenge / Extension: Write a speech in the voice of your character outlining why they should be leader.
Importantly, setting is almost always important to the story in terms of its mood, emotion, atmosphere, characterisation or themes.
Read through some of the descriptions of the island and interpret how this influences the atmosphere, the emotions felt by the boys.
For example, when a person is unhinged by grief, the clouds might seem darker than they are, or perhaps mournful or perhaps even uncaring.
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