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P4: Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose

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Sharon Martins

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of P4: Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose

This includes:
- a computer/laptop
- monitor
- printer
- software
- access to the internet
- backing- up your data
Hello Billie Brown, I'm aware that you are starting your own business as a full time potter. As I am a ICT student I know what you will need and what to offer you. I also know that you have a budget of £1500; to include getting you a good computer with good memory and everything to come with.
Price: £499
Ram: 6GB
Storage: 500GB
Integrated 1.0 MP webcam
Up to 6 hours of battery life
AC power
Firsty, I will start of by recommending you a laptop. This is because as a business lady, there are many places in where you can work; from an office to being at home. A computer isn't something in which you can take with you anywhere you go.

As you can see from the picture above, this laptop can also be used a tablet without the keyboard, which means that it is touchscreen. This will help you edit your pictures and zoom it in or out. A laptop is a device in which you will be able to take anywhere with you, this even means taking it to a meeting with your customers and let them see what you create and how your business is going.

As this laptop has the benefits of flipping over and being able to use it whilst it is touchscreen, is that when there presenations to be made and etc., it will easy and quicker to actually get things done and place images where it needs to be placed. Another good thing about it is travelling. I'm aware that you used to work for an airline so you must enjoy travelling. With a laptop you are able to take it on the place, use it and also in any different country.
Computer System
With this laptop that I have recommended to you there are many software's that are already included with it such as:
- Microsoft Office trail version
- McAfee Internet Security 30 day trail
- Lenovo VeriFace
- Lenovo Companion
- Zinio Online Newsstand
- Skype
- Amazon Kindle for PC
- Evernote
- Camera man
- Photo Master
P4: Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose
Sharon Martins-dos Santos
As I'm aware of your budget being £1500, I have decided to get you a package that will be better for the kind of buget you are looking for you can get:

LiveSafe 2015 + Office 365 Personal + Cloud Storage 2 TB Backup Service + Laptop Accessory Bundle/Black

I can get you this package for only £564 which is saving you about £300. With the Office 365 Personal is that this package actually stays for about2 years or more. Another great thing about this package is that you get the live safe 2015 which cleans your laptop and keeps it safe. Final thing which makes it great is that the cloud storage which back-ups all your work and makes sure it's all saved.
Software you will need...
As I've managed you get you a good package and save you £300 there is enough money from your budget to buy a good enough printer.

You'll need a printer to be able to print out business sheets and print out your pictures to give people.
I will make sure that

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