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The Future of Shape Up

No description

allison balfe

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of The Future of Shape Up

The Future of Shape Up
Allison Balfe
Hour: 2

Later in Life
I can use the things in this class later in life because when I get older and I'm not sure how to start a work out I can think back and remember what Mr. Nellis told me about how no matter how hard you work the scale doesn't tell you that
The Beginning
My perception of this class in the beginning was it would be easy and not as competitive as the other gym classes. I thought that with dance and everything I did that this class would be a breeze. It turns out that the activities that we do there is always something harder that you can do. I felt in the beginning that I was in pretty good shape. I didn't know what to do with myself if I wanted to go to the gym. Shape up not only helps you with how to start working out but it also helps with how to stay in shape.
Best Activity
My favorite activitiy that I've done is the zumba. I personally love to dance and I thought it was a fun way to stay in shape. The lady that came in was super nice and she shows you that zumba isn't just dance, there are your normal work outs you just don't realize it.
A Never Forget Moment
In gym my most memerable moment was when the people from GoFit came in and gave us a boot camp. For me who was in pretty decent shape I even found things dificult that I never thought I would be. I grew so much from that and know how to properly use the equipment.
Thank you

I hope this helps you
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