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Digital Citizenship

No description

Rajit Sharma

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship
By- Rajit Sharma 8-B
More job opportunities are possible.
People are more connected now in a digital eco-system.
Connection is faster.
How it works
Content creators make content, and based on views, and clicks. From there companies like Google along with the partner program program, pays their users.


Now that there are so many computers in a network, anyone with bad intentions can interfere, or tamper with your data transmission.
A benefit called anonymity, is now bad for the people who want to harm you.
How to Help Yourself
One of the most common ways of assisting your secure connection, i by checking to see if there is a little green lock, in the top left hand corner , saying secure.
You Have Been Warned
Has som
eone ever told you that
like anti malware, and
anti viru
s, are the only ways to

e you computer is under
Well that claim is not completely true. You see anti virus protection protects you only from viruses that already exist.Anti malware on
the other hand, protects you from newly created viruses, that would probably have a higher chance of infiltrating your defenses. That does not mean however, that you have to only rely of anti malware. You need a combo of both anti virus and anti malware to ensure optimal protection.
The Real Story
The truth is that you really just need some common sense while you are using the internet. For example if there is an email that tells you that you have a chance to win free money, don't open the email. Or if you get a message saying that you have been hacked, don't trust it.
Just Remember That in order to stay safe, you must use common sense, and some of these rules, to ensure, a happy healthy relationship between you and the internet.
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