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Cardiovascular News Report

No description

Cheyenne Raper

on 6 July 2010

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Transcript of Cardiovascular News Report

Double click anywhere & add an idea The people I will interview for this topic

Maxwell- age 17 high school student
Edith- age 56 elderly
Meghan-age 13 middle school student

1.Do you know how to get your target heart rate zone?

2.Do you know anything about cardiovascular system?

3.Do you know about cardiovascular disease and how to prevention?

4.What does cardiovascular do for the body?

5.How much cardiovascular do you do through out the week?
News report. Hook: “Do you truly know what your putting into your body?” The unhealthy foods that we store everywhere in our house cause many American to be over weight and unaware of how many times it can kill them. So if I was you, I would stay tuned to hear the life-changing story of a young lady who got the facts and changed to healthy foods. Since 1984, the number of CVD deaths for females has exceeded those for males. Most people are not aware of risk of Cardiovascular and its risk. the foods that we shovel into our mouths can cause so much harm to our body we would never know about. A few weeks ago a young lady emailed me talking about her life changing story. Amber Davidson is 18 years old and was face with near death. She wasnt sure what she was about to get into. she spoke of being rushed into the ER not able to breath. Ms. Davidson thought she was healthy but the food she shoveled into her mouth messed up her heart flow. Doctors say it could of been avoid if she knew the facts. Women are more at risk then males for heart failures or heart attacks then males. I believe its time that we share what we know. That we need to stand up and speak about the facts and not sit back and watch the ones we love get sick and die. My grandmother just had open heart surgery and i knew the facts but i never opened my mouth. How would you feel when you know you can change something in someone mouth but you remain quiet.
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