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Overpaid Athletes (PRO)

No description

Debate Athlete's Overpaid

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Overpaid Athletes (PRO)

Athletes are Overpaid

Are athletes overpaid? (PRO)
Would you rather eat or look at someone run to first base? With that kid of money we can help the homeless, cancer, our country's economy, we can make more jobs for people that need it.
they shouldn't get paid millions of dollars when they don't need that much.
Cause And Effect Logic
Athletes are being paid way more than other occupations like teachers or military men that contribute much more to our society.
“I think a man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.” - Laura Brown
"WOULD YOU RATHER eat or WOULD YOU RATHER look at someone run to first base? With that kind of money we can help the homeless, cancer, our country's economy, we can make more jobs for people that need it." –Robert Williamson
"I'd like to see you, go into the army and die and still face the fact that you didn't even make half of what professional athletes make." – Jimmy Brown

Athletes get paid for entertaining us by shooting a ball into a basket, kicking a ball into a goal, or hitting a smaller ball with a bat. Even bottom-of-the-totem-pole athletes get paid more than most PhD graduates do. I don’t see why professional athletes who entertain us can make more money than teacher’s who educate kids or simply doctors who save lives. Even military men don't even make a fraction of what athletes make.
Other Occupation salaries VS. Athletes salaries

The money that athletes make can odiously turn the person corrupt. If you think that most athletes use their money wisely and give to charity, well... your wrong! They spend most of their money on luxuries, partying, and many many more. Even when they have too much money they can turn to drugs or other unnatural ways of playing good. Professional athlete’s have skill, but paying someone 30 million dollars is a way too much.
Athletes' pay can be
used effectively for
other needs
Limited Professional Contracts
Trevor, Allen, Domenic
Logical Analogy
1. Alex Rodriguez, 3B, New York Yankees salary: $29million
2. Vernon Wells, OF, Los Angeles Angels salary: $23 million
3. Carl Crawford, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers salary: $21 million
4. Carlos Zambrano, RHP, Miami Marlins salary: $18.9 million
5. Sam Bradford, QB, St. Louis Rams salary: $16.6 million
US Athletes
Other Jobs
1. Nurses of the US Health Department salary: $74,000.
2. Patrol officers salary : $57,000
3. Elementary School teacher salary: $55,000
4. Average auto mechanic salary: $39,000
5. landscapers and groundskeepers salary: $25,000
Important Considerations
Athletes are paid too much money that we could be spending or using on other things that are important like finding a cure for cancer, or helping the homeless.
Alex Rodriguez an MLB player makes $29 million a year. Who needs to spend that much money in one lifetime?
Athletes can become very greedy and selfish when they get that much money.
Teachers, soldiers and cops hardly make a portion in their lifetime, of what athletes make a year.
We firmly believe that athletes are way overpaid in our society today.
1. Athletes Pay can be used effectively for other needs
2. Other Occupation salaries VS. Athletes salaries
3. Limited Professional Contracts
Athletes pay can be used more effectively for other needs. Billons of dollars are being spent to pay athletes salaries, while there are millions of homeless people dying in the streets today, if we used all the money that athletes are being paid we might be able to stop that, by making homeless shelters and giving free food, and making more jobs for the. They are only getting oaid to play a game and have fun.
"Jimmy Connors plays two tennis matches an winds up with around $850,000, and Muhammad Ali fights one bout and winds up with FIVE MILLION BUCKS. Me, I play around one hundred and ninety games, and I'm overpaid! - Johhny Bench" Baseball player

A average football player earns around 5 million dollars a season. We could be using that money for other goods and not wasting it just on one person. - Mark Legger.
We believe that professional contracts should be limited to at the most three years.
Athletes are getting paid a lot, so after a while everyone will want to become an athlete to get a better salary and to have FUN while they are doing their job, so there will be less people doing other jobs and that is bad for our economy
Johhny Bench
Logical Analogy
" No matter how you look at it, the guy getting paid 19 million dollars to swing a bat at a ball is getting paid more in one game than most Americans make in their who life! "- Andy Lyons
" When I look at how Fortunate I've been being a musician... My response to being over paid is that I should give it back to the community. "- Dave Matthews
" The only reasons we make good role models is because you guys look up to athletes and we can influence you in positive ways, but the real role modles are your teachers and parents! "- Dave Hall
Mike Trout (baseball) 144 million dollars for 6 years
Alex Rodriguez (baseball) 29 million dollars
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (boxer) 90 million dollars
LeBron James (basketball) 56.5 million dollars
Kobe Bryant (basketball) 44.8 million dollars
Drew Brees (football) 47.8 million dollars
Other Occupations:
Nurse (in irvine) 145,250 dollars per year
Police (in irvine) 55,441 dollars per year
Doctor 500,000 dollars per year
Teacher (Public school) 60,000 per year
Lawyer 187,999 per year
Farmer 69,300 per year
Logical Analogy
A Doctor on average Makes 500,000 so roughly a half a million dollars while on the other hand Mike Trout CF for the Angles Baseball Club is making 144 million dollars for six years roughly 24 million per year. Wouldn't you want to pay the doctor 24 million dollars because he is saving lives!!! Would you want to go to and professional sport and have to sit in the nose bleed seats for one hundred dollars because the star player for the home team got injured and now can’t play! Well here is how it works if he is injured the team cant make money off of him, but they still have to pay him so how do they make the money you ask by billing the peanut gallery.
Average NFL player: 6 Mil. a season
Average Baseball player: 5.5 Mil. a season
Average Basketball player: 7 Mil. a season
Money used for the homeless in USA per year: 3 Billion a year
Money used for USA space exploration: around 5 Billion a year
Money used for the USA marine corps: around 4 Billion a year
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