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Higher Education Roadshow

A Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University Partnership

Gareth Williams

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Higher Education Roadshow

A Joint Venture
Cardiff University
Cardiff Metropolitan University What are you going to do after your GCSEs ? Here are
a few options: You get your GCSEs And you will get a starting salary of around
£10,000 to £13,000 You then leave school &
enter employment / training If you do this, you will most likely
work in the same career/profession field for life You go to college to get your A-levels And you will get a starting salary of around
£13,000 to £17,000 You then leave college &
enter employment / training If you do this, there are possible but limited opportunities for specialist training and progression You get your GCSEs and
A-Levels and then go to University and get a degree And you will get a starting salary of around
£18,000 to £25,000 You then leave University and enter into a Graduate Job If you do this, there is inevitable progression and specialist training Which path will you choose? Well, it’s not like school now SO THEN WHAT IS UNIVERSITY? It's the next big step in higher education and puts you onto the path for your future career But that doesn't mean it is all study There are two huge areas to University: Academics and Social Life We did a survey with our University students: what do they like best about university? 25% said
FREEDOM 22% said
SOCIAL LIFE 18% said
NEW FRIENDS Which means there are many new and different experiences to be had! So how long does University last? It can last between 3 - 7 years
depending on what you study How much work do you have to do? How much free time do you have? It can range from 9 - 35 hours per week depending on the subject In University, you get to decide how and when you study. That means you are in charge of organizing your own time and can plan to do something whenever you want! PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS Member Member Member Member Member Member Member SOCIAL LIFE SOCIAL & PERSONAL BENEFITS Member Member Member ACADEMICS & STUDY (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr NE WH SO ...? AT XT Meet new people Societies Sports Experience a new city/location Living in Halls Independence What can you study? How can you study? When do you have to study? What Type of things can i do with a degree? Cardiff is a thriving and attractive city which is widely recognised as an outstanding place in which to live and study. It combines all the advantages of a compact, friendly and inexpensive location with the cultural and recreational facilities of a modern capital city Going to university, you don't just experience the university life, you also immerse yourself in the location/city where your university is.
This opens up a whole new door to social events, facilities and opportunities that can be enjoyed in addition to your University experience These friendships will last for a long time, and are an important aspect of enjoying and developing at University Which means you are going to meet a lot of new people, many of which you will create fantastic friendships with! In Cardiff, there are over 40,000 students living and studying,
that come from over 140 countries worldwide Going to University, subject 1 subject 1 At University, there are loads of Sports teams and clubs that you can go along to and enjoy. Each of these sports are a fantastic way to meet people or to try something new.
Every sport can be enjoyed at a friendly, casual level or a competitive/professional level Here is a big list of all the different sports that you can enjoy at Universities in the UK: At University, you have the opportunity to live in halls of residence. This means you live in a flat with around 4/5 other students like yourself. You have your own room and a shared kitchen and communal area Living at University is likely to be the first time that many students live away from home. This may seem like a daunting idea.
However, as all the students who come to University are in the same boat, you can all help each other, making it an enjoyable and exciting experience subject 1 subject 1 subject 1 1st step What can you study at University? Can you study a subject abroad? Last step Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr 1st step What Type of things can you do with a degree? 2nd step How will a Degree help me? Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr SO WHY GO TO UNIVERSITY? UNIVERSITY COSTS YOUR PATH TO HIGHER EDUCATION CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY CARDIFF UNIVERSITY When and How
can you study? Rugby Men
Rugby Women
Ski & Snowboarding
Swimming & Water Polo
Table Tennis
Ultimate Frisbee
Yoga Hockey Women
Karate - Do Shotokai
Karate - Wado Kai
Kite Surf
Kung Fu
Mountain Bike
Netball (Women)
Riding Club
Rowing Aikido
American Football (Men)
Athletics & Cross Country
Basketball Men
Basketball Women
Cheerleading (Women)
Cricket Men
Cricket Women
Football Men
Football Women
Hockey Men All these things mean that University is about more than just studying.

Going to University will mean you will enjoy a larger and more varied social life! FINANCIAL BENEFITS To go to University you need to pay for two things:
1) Tuition Fees - paying for the University to teach you

2)Living Expenses - paying for accommodation, rent, food and other spending money You do not need to pay for these upfront (before you go to Uni) out of your own money. The most common way to pay for these is via a Student Loan.

A Student Loan is a big amount of money that is given to you by a Student Loan company which will cover the cost of going to University.
You only need to pay this Student Loan back, later on in your life, when you have your own job and can afford it! In addition to a Student Loan, all Universities offer different types of Scholarships and Bursaries.

These are once again large amounts of money that are given to you, which you don't need to pay back! Although the cost of going to University may seem high, there are very easy and student-friendly ways of paying the cost of it! What all this means is that when you come to apply to University, money should not be a barrier or a hurdle to stop you from applying!
Hopefully, this Prezi has given you a better picture of what Higher Education and University is all about! Just two pieces of advice to to help you in the future.... Get the Best GCSE Results You Can! Start Thinking About Your Options For the Future Now! You are probably being told this quite a lot at the moment! However, it is very important as if you come to apply to University, the Admissions Tutors will look at your GCSE results! So work hard and get the top GCSE Marks you can get!
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